In Dar...

Mambo poa! Hello from a cramped internet cafe in the Ubungo 'hood of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Throughout the 2 weeks I have lived and studied in Dar, I realize that I have not even skimmed the surface in terms of understanding the immense cultural and political significance of Tanzania. Like most African states, TZ has more than its share of national problems, particularly water and energy services. I have made a few contacts at the Ministry of Water and the Institute of Development Studies at the University. Really my time in Dar has been centered around Swahili class four days a week, and weekend excursions, including a trip to Old Duvai Gorge and Zanzibar Island.

Unique Highlights:
On the daily, I can see Massai young men, still maintaining their traditions and customs amidst the hustle and bustle of Dar. Yea the mix of tradition and "new" is very interesting.

*apologies for the blog delay, reliable internet is not that easy to come by*


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