Black students, quit marching for affirmative action

Please! Instead, if you are going to march, start marching for real fundamental change in education. Even better would be acting for real fundamental change in education. And no, tutoring does not count here -- although it's a great action. Oh, my fault, in order to do that you'd have to really care about the education of poor black, white and latino kids around the country and world. Instead the marches make you look just as selfish and self interested as any other group arguing for something from any other government in history, or any other people going to war against another people to get what they want.

In the end it's all about me, me, me and how I can get something out of this. And it is sickening -- no, not just to me, but to us all. We literally are sickening ourselves by indulging in such self centered actions.

We already proposed some hazy outlines of what a real plan of action and advocacy for education would look like -- remember?

Are you willing to commit class suicide?

I'm sayin: Paul Gewirtz of Yale Law School says that Thurgood Marshall was opposed to making distinctions by race, and had his doubts about racial preferences. My point is that affirmative action is a Band-Aid. We need to go after some emergency room surgery. We are dying!

Until we are ready to stand up for real change in education I don't want to see any more marches. And in case we are still not clear, real change means:

1) Higher pay for teachers in poor neighborhoods
2) Equal funding. (equal facilities)
3) State financing.
4) Ending property tax funding of schools.
5) Local control (state, city or, best of all, neighborhood)

Please get that through your skulls and then come holla at me.

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