Polygamy. A realistic solution?

Got an email about Polygamy today from a reader sharing her thoughts on the subject. After reading up on it, she wondered if a modified version of the practice might be an immediate solution to some of the broken homes our communities have.

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She specifically mentioned an example where perhaps a father has children by different women yet those women choose to get along and foster and cultivate their relationships with each other for the purpose of making sure the children feel at home even when they are with their "step" mothers. In fact, I'm sure this type of thing happens pretty regularly already.

I would assume the reverse of this would also be something to consider, although the majority of these type of multi-parent situations that I know of involve woman sharing a common link to one man. But given the incarceration rates (or should I say the unjust incarceration laws) affecting black men, this is no surprise to me.

Like she suggests, I don't think that actually sharing a husband sexually and financially would work in this society unless the practice was shielded by a sub-culture/cult bubble from the mainstream norms. But I can definitely see the fundamental concept -- multi-parents who share a common father or mother making those ties of accountability stronger to each other.

So maybe the women wouldn't all want to get married to a brother, but perhaps they might define for themselves a higher definition or title for the relationship than "baby mama" as to hold each other accountable for each person's and the collective responsibility in raising ALL of the children in the circle, even if they don't belong to a certain individual in the group, they might belong to the group collectively.

Here's what she had to say [I edited out names, etc]:
B, I stumbled upon a blog last week about Polygamy, it's African and biblical origins and as a possible alternative for single parent homes so prevalent today and breakdown of the black family in western culture.

Reading what everyone had to say was really interesting and got me thinking a lot deeper on the subject.

Perhaps a modified version... could be the cure for the destruction of the black family unit in today's society.

At first when I read it, I was like... hell nah, that's some crazy waco cult mess. Then I thought about my current situation...

Neither of us are "married" to him but the three of us are bonded as a parental unit and have the common goal of love, nurturing and growin him into a man... Which in theory loosely resembles a polygamist union. Food for thought...

Some of the stuff... is way out, but the basic idea of it (minus the sharing of a "husband" by more than one woman) can't be ignored as we all strive to regain and redefine the "village" culture in the western society.

I think it would spark an interesting debate for the Liberator blog.

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