I had a dream.

I dreamed last night that Mumia's case was thrown out and that he was set free. There was even some news report in the dream about the unlikelihood that the U.S. Supreme Court would hear an appeal from the prosecution, I remember that distinctly because Chief Justice John Roberts was the one on the news talking about how he thought the court would have to deny hearing the appeal on some legal/technical basis. I remember thinking how odd THAT was. But still the dream felt way too real. I remember turning to my cousin Omari (were we in the courthouse? or maybe we were in a store or something, or maybe a library. I do remember we were surrounded by people who were angry at the news and were making all kinds of crazy noises) and actually crying and mumbling through my sobs about how I couldn't believe the day was really here after all Mumia had endured. I woke up early and checked the news.

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