Kamau Patton.

Kamau Patton was the guest lecturer here at CalArts last night. His work is an incredibly dense and thoughtful comoslogy he has created based on the a piece of cumulative art done by a DC janitor that is now in the Smithsonian. I have not completely wrapped my head around the work but it's interesting to think through especially with its references to cultural production through symbols especial of the religious sort. In this show he uses public access television for the mediation of the ideas developed by his "cult". Anyways he has a show here in LA if anyone is in the area to check it out. Here are some blurbs from his site and the show announcement:

"Glitter, Yoruba headdresses and visions of the Apocalypse meet in Kamau Patton’s exhibit at Machine, opening September 22nd at 8pm. Equal parts religious rite, glam spectacle and public access television show, Kamau’s video installations bring a personal cosmography to bear on existing folk narratives. Literally sitting atop St. James the Janitor’s trash-art throne, Kamau creates work that is simultaneously elaborate and elemental –- folk assemblages by way of Photoshop, as seen on MTV. References collide to create fictional spaces and amended mythologies that draw from sources as varied as modern media aesthetics, to a cult founded by a former gypsy-carnie-magician-priest from Jersey. He interacts with these images as a participant and mediator, and the resulting videos are kaleidoscopic performances that show our world as an accumulation of manipulated symbols, fictions, personal histories and enigmatic codes."

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