Sugar Ray Robinson

Interviewer [Ed]: You give me the impression that you enjoy your work is that right?

Sugar Ray: No, just the opposite Ed. I've never enjoyed boxing. It's just a business for me and I know I've never enjoyed it.

[later in the show]

Robinson's youngest son: Oh what type of father was dad? It's hard to say. It's like... horrible! My dad was a dad to lots of children, except his own.

[after Robinson regains the championship after a 3 year hiatus]

Boxing Analyst/Historian: There's a quirk in American hero worship that I think people love you more if you've been humbled once or twice. If you seem vulnerable, if you have a weakness. And I think the same thing is true of Robinson. After he lost a couple of times, when he reached the level of being a mere mortal and not a god, then I think he became more popular.

[towards the end of his career]

Sugar Ray: Many people ask me why do I keep fighting. Is it because I need the money. Yes I need the money but that isn't my main goal. I believe that I will be victorious in another championship fight and retire as the middleweight champion of the world.

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