American Negro Short Stories / by Dr. John Henrik Clarke

Simply because FREEDOM is the ultimate goal! I shall not be moved from that, my friends!

Shout out to Dr. Clarke...this text is so FULL...

I mean I'm really mad at the curriculum developers who decided NOT to include this collection in every single English literature class! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

I mean I can't even say enough about this book. Its so powerful. I mean I never was a short-story kind of person, you know? But this thing right HERE is splendid!

And in the spirit of Muva-Ef my job (cuz them Effers always clocking me!) I decided to take a company-sponsored moment to pay homage to the great Dr. John Henrik Clarke and his vision which resulted in this illustrious compilation of absolutely brilliant writing. Shoot, he even has "Exodus" by James Baldwin--a powerful, gritty take on the depth of leaving where you are to get where you going!

I'm in love with this book. yup.

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