Stevie at the Wonder(full) Party

Stevie showed up at the Wonder(full) Party! Ironically, he kinda messed up my dance groove cause instead of continuing to dance while someone performed like in the old days, these kids grabbed their camera phones and rushed the stage. Booooring. Anyway, it was dope to see him up close and personal. He even sung "Isn't She Lovely" to his daughter who was also up on stage with him. By some twist of good fate some dude was standing outside offering a press pass which got my and my homie in for half price, so I was loving it either way. Luckily, he didn't perform the whole night. He did a handful of classics, and then the party got right back to jumpin. And I mean jumpin. The floor was literally bouncing. No, literally. I thought we were going to fall through that joint.

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