Forbidden Land... Or Forbidden myth? / Motorcycle Diaries: South Africa

Hey Mr. Omari... Tell me where you been? I've been around the world but I'll be back again....

I can't help but wonder if students from the University of Western Cape (the 'black/colored' university) if I may, were to visit the University of Minnesota would take as many pictures as we did. And if they would look as much like tourists as us. I sure as hell hope so cause we looked like some idiots for real. What is it about this forbidden land that exists for those in the US and those abroad. Every place I've traveled, but especially in Africa. The forbidden land for Africans is the United States and the thought of traveling there widens eyes and drops mouths. But for those in the United States, it is the thought of Africa that causes eyes to widen and mouths to drop... I wonder if I'll ever be able to understand it.

To think that the director of international studies takes time out of his day to meet with a bunch of students from the U.S. Mind you, these professors are EXTREMELY busy and underpaid to the point that some must resort to driving taxis when they are not on campus. So, this man took about an hour out of his day to spend time with us. Students... Nothing more, nothing less... YET :). I always struggle with this reality because similar occurrences took place in Ecuador. I shared this sentiment of confusion with another student. He simply stated that it's not us that they are taking time to honor... They are taking time out to acknowledge the opportunity and hope that is associated with us visiting for South African students.... What do you think? I have yet to draw my own conclusions.

I know one thing's for sure, I should NOT have bought any toiletries. They have everything here that we have at home. There's a store called 'Pick and Pay', it's just like a Kmart or Walmart. So, to my sister and mommy, I blame you for my bags being overweight. :)

I'll leave you with this and continue to touch on it on as the trip continues. What good have you done if you travel to a country foreign to your home, and have a life changing experience but don't change the lives of those who have changed yours? This is what I hope to do on this trip, change the lives of others while also having my own changed. Also known as Community Based Research...

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