Hear My Silence / Motorcycle Diaries South Africa

Hey Mr. Omari... Tell me where you been? I've been around the world but I'll be back again....

Have you ever looked out the window as the vehicle moved and seen darkness when the sun was shining? Have you ever heard silence when everyone around you is speaking? These were my experiences today while driving away what is known as the ‘Trojan Horse Memorial’. In memory of 3 YOUNG men killed by police in 1985. Let me add, strategically killed by police. The memorial was on the street where many student uprisings took place during apartheid and they had stories from parents and family of the three men, the oldest being 21. They were shot and killed unprovoked. I left the site, walked back to the van alone, and attempted to gather my thoughts. Tears almost came to my eyes and I was reminded of Nina Simone singing a sad love song and Jazzyfatnastees singing through my ipod. They sang to me the whole back to our house and I was filled with sad emotions, which eventually led to anger. Drawing comparisons from the Civil Rights Movement and the co-intel pro and the massive attacks by the South African police and government against students pained me even more. All of the police officers were acquitted in this case.

This was the second stop. The first is known as The Guguletu Seven. 7 young men will killed on March 3rd, 1986 in the township of Guguletu. In a similar terroristic attack, all seven men were killed by police. In this case the police were the terrorists and in many other cases during apartheid as well. It would be worth your time to look up these accounts that I’ve mentioned and read more about them. They established a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) which would grant amnesty for those who came clean of their criminal behavior and gave up the chain of commands during apartheid. In this case ALL of the police officers were granted amnesty.

I had to blog again after these accounts. I’ll continue to listen to Kind of Blue until I feel like cheering up, maybe some Hendrix will do the job.

Signing off…

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