McKinney/Clemente accept Green nomination.

McKinney channeled Sojourner Truth in a brilliant acceptance speech at the Green party convention in Chicago -- gave me chills. She got at your boy Obama as well, making some excellent points that illustrated a sharp contrast between her and the Democratic nominee.

As I was watching this I thought, wouldn't it be great to see Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson in the audience? Cornel West, Tavis Smiley? I mean even if they plan on voting for Obama, it'd be great to see some influential black men showing some love to McKinney and Clemente. Why can't folks struggle to find ways to support eachother with even a fraction of the energy we spend on struggling to support ourselves?

On a sidenote, I must make a plea for Rosa to work on those speaking skills. There were some moments where I was cringing. I realize it may be superficial to some, but the fact is that charisma and clarity of speech are political tools as well.

Does anyone know more about how the Green nomination process works? Can anyone go to their convention? Or do you have to be a member? Looking at that semi-empty hall, I was wondering if a third-party might not benefit from building a foundation with a more open door policy to allow people to "get a taste" of the party before they join up. I've just been in too many radical circles that fail because they were too stubborn to associate with people who hadn't yet made up their minds about certain things. And they often end up alienating talented people with such uncompromising stances. I'm sure we could have got at least 100 young people of color to the convention through this site alone, if there was a welcoming come-and-learn type of policy where we could show support without having to commit our vote quite yet.

I say what I say about Jackson, et al. supporting McKinney not because I think she needs validation, but because I want so bad for this campaign not to just be a footnote in history. I am highly doubtful that she can win in the general election, but even McKinney says that's not the point -- the point is to get that 5 percent needed for major party status. And she could lock that down if folks would just nod in her direction a bit more often. Jackson and them don't even gotta vote for her, just help get her some publicity.

I can see so much more that could be done to make sure that we drew more attention to her historical campaign. It's frustrating when, handicapped by fear -- fear of taking attention away from Obama, fear of being associated with a "radical" movement -- and ego, we let moments like this pass us by without seizing them and squeezing the last drop of potential out of them.

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