66 year old "Uncle Skeets" fights 3 rounds.

A great story from the Circle Of Discipline's recent trip to the 2008 Ringside World Boxing tournament.

[...] The best boxing match out of the team was Uncle Skeets. He competed at the age of 66 in the 178 lbs Master Division against John Disterdick who was well over 6′ tall. Uncle Skeets boxed 3 - 1 minute rounds against John. The entire place was gathered around the ring to watch these two Master Boxers compete. The bell rang to begin the first round and Uncle Skeets came out looking like he has been boxing forever.

He was popping his jab, throwing combinations and slipping those long punches that John was throwing at him. John was aggressive coming at Uncle Skeets with strong hard jabs but Uncle Skeets was too fast for him, slipping and moving out of the way. The first round ended and the entire place was on their feet cheering and clapping for Uncle Skeets. The second round began and Uncle Skeets was a little tired but was still able to keep moving. He landed some strong jabs and rights to John’s body and head, while moving and slipping John’s punches. The second round ended and again the cheers and applaud became a roar for Uncle Skeets.

The third and final round began. Uncle Skeets comes out moving a little slower and a little out of breath. He got caught with a strong, hard jab, which put him on the mat. But Uncle Skeets jumped right back up and began moving and slipping the rest of those punches coming at him. Uncle Skeets lost the bout and won second place in the tournament but you could never tell that from the crowd. The cheers and applaud became thunderous as everyone in the entire place jumped to their feet to give Uncle Skeets a standing ovation.

Ron Lyle (5th rated heavy weight contender who fought Muhammad Ali and George Foreman) rushed over to the corner to congratulate Uncle Skeets on such a beautiful performance and accomplishment. Mr. Lyle was so excited he asked Uncle Skeets to take a picture with him. What a boxing match to see and what an accomplishment for Uncle Skeets. (source)

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