Liberators Of Style: MissBruno

MissBruno is a Brooklyn-based Haitian design company run by sisters Marjory and Shirley. Showcasing an admitted "island vs city girl complex" they say their greatest passion is to work with other multidisciplinary artists and also work with artisan communities in their hometown in Haiti and (eventually) West Africa, to create sustainable things and other "unassuming" revolutions.

Their first collection featured convertible scarves + wraps inspired by West African portrait photography. And now they have just launched "My So-Called Dress", a 12-piece limited collection inspired by "cultural nomads and our adoration of nature." They're giving a sneak peek of their next collection at Harriet’s Alter Ego’s "Style Klash" event on November 6 at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple in Fort Greene Brooklyn. More pics after the jump. []

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