On Oil.

This chart shows the most recent monthly oil import data for selected countries. The largest, supplier, Canada, supplies approximately 21% of oil imported by the United States. Note that since 2006 Saudi Arabia has displaced Mexico as the second leading exporter to the United States behind Canada primarily because Mexican oil production has declined in recent years. (source)

The United States relies heavily on imported oil for its petroleum needs, getting approximately 60% of its daily supply from foreign countries. Japan, the second largest importer, is almost completely dependent upon foreign supply. In 2006, China imported approximately one-half of the oil that it consumed.

Note: Data for the year 2006 is used in many of the charts in this series because it represents the latest year for which the U.S. Department of Energy has collected a complete set of information for all of the oil producing and consuming countries of the world. This provides the data that is used to accurately rank the countries in many categories. The DOE has not yet finished collecting all of the data from 2007. As a result, updated rankings for 2007 are not yet available. As can be seen in other charts in this section, sufficient data is available in some cases to produce accurate charts for the year 2007 and the year 2008 to date. (source)

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