Liberators Of Film [final tally]

Congrats to all contestants! Here's the final tally:
[37 votes] Training Wheels
[31 votes] Death's French Sister
[11 vote] Reverie
[2 votes] I Love My Country But Maybe We Should Start Seeing Other People

A note from Dominique Hurd, writer of Training Wheels:
"I sincerely would like to thank the Liberator Magazine staff, Brandi Brown and all of you who have casted your vote with the utmost gratitude. This story has been inspired by my childhood/family experience (but of course dramatized -- the whole brace thang; etc lol) and stimulated by my nieces who have brought much joy, laughter & maturity in my life. There are many messages in Training Wheels, so I hope ya'll read it! Nevertheless, I am thankful for your support and existence for all relations/kindred spirits, are a reflection of self which means ya'll some baaaddd mamajammas, shut yo mouf! :)"

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