The Rapper's Union.

On the way to my man's crib recently, I was thinking about how an esteemed teacher of mine talks about knowledge and methodology. How training cats to advance a field of knowledge, rather than just recycle the facts contained within, is important. Then, I thought about Hip-Hop and how rappers be covering topics that have already been covered and if there was an INTENTIONAL or organized way of avoiding the overlap in the body of knowledge that is Hip-Hop.

Unlike some folks, my critique of Young Jeezy isn't about his subject matter. The topics of drugs and drug dealing and frustration with navigating capitalism are an important reality to be discussed in our community. It should NOT be ignored. Jeezy is right to say that he'll stop rapping about it when it no longer is a reality.

But what if cats formed a rappers union? A loose organization that kept track of subjects members had rapped about historically... and would encourage rappers to advance the field of their subject, rather than recycle facts that have already been presented to the community?

What's that? You want to rap about blending education and entertainment? Required study is Edutainment by KRS-One. You can still create a song on the topic but your contribution must take KRS-One's song and build on it.

Of course a rapper's union has economic and artistic potential as well. And of course the idea of unionizing artists is not limited to rappers. Producers could use some historical awareness and a challenge to advance, instead of recycle, their field as well.

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