You got it wrong, Popes love African spirituality.

In my monthly study group meeting last week we discussed stratification and the division, or defining, of things and people. We concluded that this is a necessary act on certain fundamental levels, but that when definitions are imposed on others unwillingly there arises oppression. African spirituality came up in relation to whiteness. The Vatican came up as an example of a capturing or learning of all the world's definitions for the spiritual, then employing power to filter out undesirable definitions and promote the others. Promotion doesn't seem like a process that entails oppression. But promotion that occurs only after a process of total acquisition combined with subjective filtering leads to lack of choice.

An interesting example of white folks' mythology being not admitted as existing in public but then being practiced enthusiastically in private... and the power of manipulation that comes from that... is William Shakespeare. A mythical dude that we all know is similar to any other culture's mythological characters. But knowing that they could FORCE their mythology on the world to be interpreted literally and as historical fact by the rest of the world, power is used to force a mythology onto the entire world, even those would-be liberal/radical reform forces within it -- "the left" -- controlling what parts of the spiritual is allowed to manifest as fact in the mind.

Also, the film Religiousity (recently posted to this website) shows how in the Vatican, they got spiritual symbols from cultures around the world from Egypt to Maya -- like GIANT statues and shit -- of divine power in the MIDDLE of the damn main courtyard. On the Pope's staff are Egyptian mythological symbols, etc. So, they know the real deal, but there is an apparent filtering of the parts that are decided to be allowed to be interpreted as "real" by the masses -- a place where ego comes in and definition is seen as having a positive and a negative usage.

Letting the world be, and accepting the fact that cats got different mythologies, versus being insecure about that and reacting via domination and a war of supremacy in the name of your safe localized culture that you've nationalized. If anything, I guess that's historically what it has meant to be white, in the eyes of the rest of the world.

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