The "Ujamaa" Process: Cover Art Design

Robert Trujillo, designer of our Ujamaa Reunion cover for Liberator 9.1 shared this on the process:

//////////"Real proud of this piece for The Liberator Magazine because I stepped a bit out of my comfort zone skill wise and I'm very honored to have my art featured on the cover of such a respectable, culturally relevant, and boundary pushing magazine such as the Liberator, which has been paying dues since 2002. The Water ripple effect is one I always wanted to try but never really felt ready for until now. The next step will be pulling this off with aerosol on a wall but for now, peep the process of how I arrived at the final illustration for this piece. The process shows the sketches, the color comps, the process of photo reference-where my crew mate Cece took many shots of me modeling the position I drew, the final sketch, one of my references, and the final piece." (source)//////////

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