Drs. Henrik Clarke & Ben Jochannan: "Teach our children our history"

{Drs. John Henrik Clarke, Yosef Ben Jochannan & Chancellor Williams}

Drs. John Henrik Clarke and Yosef Ben Jochannan address the question, "What will we tell our children about our fight for freedom?"

"We know something about time." :)

"What will we tell our children about our role in history, how we survived to this point? When people say we were slaves, what do we tell our children about our slavery in particular and slavery in general? What do we tell our children so they can stop turning their face away and want to crawl under the table when you mention our condition in the world? When will they stop blaming themselves? You have not explained it to them because you have not explained it to yourselves. You have to know your oppressor and the nature of his oppression and what you did about it... At what time do we sit down and tell simple stories about our revolutionary heritage?... To know themselves our children must know what kind of society produced them."

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