Dr. Asa Hilliard & Listervelt Middleton / "Free Your Mind ... Return to the Source ... The African Origin of Civilization"

It's difficult to have a thorough discussion and understanding about education and educational systems without looking to the framework that Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III built while he was here. When considering the cross-sections of education with psychology, memory and history and the interplays therein, his contributions to the field of education are indispensable and have yet to be fully teased out in terms of how they relate to culturally relevant pedagogy. In this two-part video (runtime approx. 2 hours) Dr. Hilliard sits down with Listervelt Middleton to cover all of the above.

Dr. Hilliard generally declared of his work: "I am a teacher, a psychologist and a historian. As such, I am interested in the aims, the methods and the content of the socialization processes that we ought to have in place to create wholeness among our people."

{Part 1}

{Part 2}

Hilliard, A. G. (1991). Free your mind: Return to the source African origins A selected bibliography and outline on African-American history from ancient times to the present.

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