Damian Marley / Welcome To Jamrock

OUT IN THE STREET.... THEY CALL IT MURDER! Unless you were in a coma this summer of 2005 you heard the youngest son of the late great Bob Marley, Damian’s monstrous hit, “Welcome to Jamrock”. Damian’s unapologetic, outraged description of his homeland Jamaica , that has been ravaged by political violence and poverty. He fires off “To see the sufferation sick me/ dem suit nuh fit me/ to win election dem trick we/ den dem don’t do nothing at all/ come on lets face it/ a ghetto education’s basic/ and most of the youths dem waste it.” Damian seems to most closely capture the spirit of his father’s legacy. The youngest Marley has had two previous releases that were critics and fans both loved 96’s Mr. Marley and 01’s Halfway Tree but neither album dealt the international blow that “Welcome to Jamrock” has. “We’re Gonna Make It” is a powerful chant set to a blazing roots reggae beat, that is as encouraging as it is hardcore, and has the potential to single handedly counter the conspiracy to destroy the black community. The songs starts with Damian singing in a tone reminiscent of reggae greats such as Capleton, “Don’t you ever give up/ don’t you ever give in” he belts out with such passion that you can’t help but feel a little better. He cries out “Searching for the light/ because you’re living in the dark/ You must realize that/ Jah was with you from the start.” Damian also gets some help from some American heavy hitters such as Nas on “Road to Zion” and Black Thought on “Pimpa’s Paradise” . With such a smash single as the title track it is little surprise that the rest of his album can not reach the same heights, but it is still a solid release and a perfect introduction to the true sounds and soul of Jamaican music.

words: amahl grant

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