Gangstarr / Daily Operation

With the 1992 release of Daily operation the tag team of DJ Premier and the Guru, AKA Gang Star, introduced b-boys and thugs a like to what was to be the true concept of grimy conscious Hip Hop. With the forever-classic singles Ex ToThe Next, Take Two and Pass, Soliloquy Of Chaos, and Take It Personal, Gang Star laid down a foundation that was hard to compete with. Guru’s distinctive voice, sharp lyrics and Premiers Legendary production provides a level of emotional hood honesty and ego satisfying concepts that carved a niche in b-boy culture when it was at it’s height, not economically but culturally. This album was a continuance of the underground sound that solidified New York as the forefront of grimy Hip Hop music during the early 90’s. If you are a fan of Gang Star or just seeking to find out what all the fuss was about surrounding Hip Hop music during this era then Daily Operation is a must grab.

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