Miriam Makeba: Ode to Mama Africa in the hour of the wolf {film}

Info: "Miriam Makeba was born in a South African township, broke through as a jazz singer and grew under the wing of Harry Belafonte into a musical and political legend. Makeba was an impressive sight and took public never mince words: "I do not talk politics, I say the truth." In 1963 she spoke to the United Nations and became a figurehead of the anti-apartheid struggle in her country. It earned her the nickname Mama Africa and led to thirty years in exile. Makeba married five times, lost her only daughter and lived in the U.S., Guinea and Belgium. She was in high cultural and political circles and was itself surrounded by people like Ella Fitzgerald, Marlon Brando and John F Kennedy. Her most famous hit Pata wasPata. The light made ​​her sad that the very apolitical dance song was so successful, but they are not complaining about "the audience chooses what it wants." In 1990 Nelson Mandela asked her personally 'come home' and return to South Africa. She died in 2008 of a heart attack. This richly documented ode celebrates her unforgettable voice, her charisma and her highly paid idealism."

via Africa Is A Country

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