KMT: The Black Land

On Saturday, me and 60 or so scholars, students, and professors from Howard will be embarking on a return to the land of the first civilization. A land called by its inhabitants ...KMT-which means "the black land". Historiography has stated this derived from the richness and fertile soil of the Nile Valley. Yet, I know it had deeper meaning for our ancestors. The importance of this visit lies in its physical, spiritual, and intellectual aura. To be in the place where it all began, will help us to re-examine where we need to go. Anybody who is educated properly must know from whence they came. All people, and more recently all Africans derive from this region and points due south. The cultural unity throughout ancient Kemetic history and later all of Black Africa is something we should all think about reclaiming and awakening. The physical realization that we are more than what others have told us we are will no doubt amaze and inspire us. As we as Howard scholars retrace the steps of our ancestors, we ask your continued prayers and support. Ma'at is satisfied.

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