Footnotes on Black Priorities / Part 2: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "Why We Can't Wait"

Some years ago I was introduced to a book written by Dr. King entitled Why We Can’t Wait. Dr. King's premise for the book was that Integration will not solve the problems of black people. Shocking is it? Dr. MLK Jr., the man who was the spokesperson for integrating buses, lunch counters, and schools was writing about why integration will not solve our issues. If you know anything about Dr. King, then you know that right before his death his political stances were changing. And ultimately those changes in his viewpoints led to his being murdered by government agents. A very enlightening lecture by Dick Gregory on his assassination is easily available on YouTube.

Fifty years after the March on Washington, we are a desecrating Dr. King's legacy and accepting the "I have a dream..." nonsense that the media is pushing on us. Dr. King's main point in the I Have a Dream speech was not about us living together in peace and harmony and white and black boys and girls holding hands. The real message was that the U.S. has been "delinquent" on its promissory notes and that "all men are created equal," due process, and all of those other so-called American freedoms promised to us have not been delivered. Unfortunately, his life was taken from us before he could lead us into a better understanding; before he could show us why we can’t wait.

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by Faro Z

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