Footnotes on Black Priorities / Part 3: The "White Jesus Has a Bigger **** Than Black Jesus" Complex

This concept has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with our superiority complex. Black comedians have for eons used the "A Black man couldn’t be president because..." joke to leave audiences of Black people bellowing out laughs. The "A Black man couldn't be president because..." joke was a staple of your average Black comedian until, of course, Barack Obama showed up and swooped the masses of Black folks and young voters of all ethnic groups into the "I Have A Dream"-land of political equality. I was there in the streets of New York on election night, watching Blacks, Whites, Yellows (I mean Asians. LOL), Latinos and everybody else skip through the streets (literally), high-fiving each other, celebrating the new day of racial equality that had begun in the U.S. The entire time, I was thinking to myself, 'Why do people think that things are going to get better?' We have had Black Supreme Court justices, and we still have not gotten any justice. We have had Black congressmen/women, and the policies are no more equal than before. We have had Black CEO's of fortune 500 companies, and we are still jobless and poor as ever. So why do people suppose that because there will be a Black president things will change?

That's when I began to realize that to most Black people in the U.S. and around the world, White Jesus has a bigger **** than Black Jesus. In other words, one token Black person at the head of a White institution is more valuable than 10 Black people at the head of 10 Black institutions; that one Black baseball player accepted into the White baseball league is worth 15 Negro leagues put together. Black people have a complex that tells them that "all that Black stuff is cool, but you ain't doing nothing special until White folks let you in their circle." We can rationalize this all we want. We can say, "But on an economic level..." or "They got the opportunities..." or "They control this and they control that." But at the end of the day, it is a thought process that we try to shove into the back of our minds and ignore. Yet, when you ignore the truth on a daily basis and have to constantly create justifications about why we just have to deal with it then it becomes a complex. A complex that is ingrained in our psyche. No matter the level of incompetence that the European exhibits on a daily basis in all spheres of life, we still cannot imagine the possibility of questioning their leadership.

Think about this. The U.S. government is over $16 trillion in debt ($16,000,000,000,000). If I gave you a dollar for every day that the universe has been in existence, you still would not even be close to $16 trillion. So...

Firstly, how can these Europeans possibly justify digging themselves into $16 trillion of debt and then claim for this to be the most developed nation in the world? Well any nation could be the most developed nation in the world if all it did was borrow from other nations and never pay anyone back. Secondly, the U.S. has more than 300 years of free labor courtesy of the African enslavement. How can a nation get a 300-year head start and still be on the brink of economic collapse? And yet still we trust the U.S. government with our cultural, economic, and political future? If you knew someone personally who mismanaged their money and life so poorly, you wouldn't give them the time of day. Maybe you would throw them a few pennies so they could find something to eat for the day, but you certainly would not trust them with the economic security of you and your family. This U.S. government is run so poorly and is so corrupt that if not for the constant stealing of resources from other lands the U.S. would be a third world country.

I could go on for ages about the state-sanctioned sterilization programs, destruction of the UNIA, Black Wall Street, or Co-Intel-Pro and give you thousands of instances on why it is borderline insanity to be in support of such a sad excuse for a government. But the main point I am making is that, we have more faith in Europeans’ ability to rule a nation of people than we do in our own ability to do the same thing. So, drop all those notions of "That's why Black people can’t get nowhere in society!" and "That's why our people don’t have anything!" because in comparison to our European counterparts we couldn't possibly do any worse.

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by Faro Z

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