Nas / Illmatic (10th Anniversary Edition)

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Illmatic, we get a 2-disc set to commemorate its release and impact. The first disc is Illmatic completed remastered and a second disc of remixes and unreleased material. The God Son’s debut album Illmatic was and still is one of the most revered albums in hip-hop history. Back in early nineties, the west-coast delivered a knock punch with the arrival of Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic.” The feeling was that the game had changed as the funk-induced tracks from Dr. Dre were ruling the streets and airwaves alike. The east coast was losing it’s authority as its big name artists started to fall out of flavor. Illmatic was more than a great record from a rookie; it was a statement record that the east coast was still relevant. Nas’ storytelling narratives painted pictures of life in NY’s notorious Queensbridge projects. The joy of Illmatic is that it may have been the first full-length hip-hop record that actually feels like an author drafting an epic manuscript. Backed by top shelf producers from the era DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Large Professor & Q-Tip, it’s clear from the opening salvo of ‘New York State of Mind’ and the AZ assisted ‘Life’s A Bitch’ that Nas is representing for his hometown. The hope filled ‘The World Is Yours,’ the thoughtfulness of ‘Memory Lane,’ ‘One Love,’ and the urgent battle cries of ‘Halftime,’ ‘Represent,’ and ‘It Ain’t Hard To Tell’ take you inside the mind of young man watching a world that doesn’t seem to makes sense.

With these 10 songs a classic was born. In celebration of it’s 10 year anniversary the second disc contains remixes from Illmatic, ‘Life’s A Bitch,’ ‘The World Is Yours,’ ‘One Love’ and ‘It Ain’t Hard To Tell’… and two unreleased tracks -- the heavily bootlegged ‘On The Real’ produced by Juice Crew legend Mary Marl and ‘Stars Wars’ produced by Large Professor. With his debut, Nas takes his place as one of Hip-Hop’s greatest street poets, his rhymes are highly literate, fluid, conversational flows showcasing a lyricist in top form. Also available is a new DVD of 14 Nas video’s including early classics ‘One Love,’ ‘Halftime,’ ‘Ain’t Hard to Tell’ and ‘Nas Is Like’.

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