Boogie Down Productions / By All Means Necessary

In the days when conscious rap was still grimy, before the politician rap and in spite of COINTELPRO’s Hip-Hop plan, KRS-One slipped in a bomb: "By All Means Necessary." "My Philosophy" sets off the project which is followed up by a host of intellectually themed songs and protect ya' neck jump-offs like "Jimmy." After releasing the record that many consider the blueprint for hardcore hip-hop--"Criminal Minded"-- KRS's mentor DJ Scott La Rocks met an untimely death. Rocks’ violent death weighed heavy on KRS-One, consequently leading the Blastmaster to write the timely, mighty "Stop the Violence," "Illegal Business," and the cautionary "Ya’ Slippin." KRS comes through for the true heads with an album that could only be imagined in contemporary times. He shows that basic beats and strong lyrics can go far, making the head bobbin’ quality unforgettable. KRS demonstrated the true essence of the emcee by expressing his prowess on the mic while also given understated messages, through finely crafted lyrics. At first listen, nowadays, he seems a little pompous, but that is what being an emcee is about as long as you can walk the walk. Written, produced, directed and mixed all by KRS for Boogie Down Production, "By All Means Necessary" is an all time classic.

(Bob The Janitor)

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