Slick Rick / The Great Adventures of Slick Rick

Well, in 1988, around the time many say Hip-Hop music was peaking, the distinctive voice and amazing storyteller that I had been introduced to on his classic mix tape version of "Ladidadi," came with a classic via Def Jam Records. With the release of "The Great Adventures of Slick Rick," Rick established himself as one of the all time great storytellers in Hip-Hop. It is an ill mix of triple-x and g-rated material. IF you heard "Teenage Love," "Hey Young World," and "Children Stories" you may wanna rush out and cop it for your young Hip-Hop head, but then you might get smacked in the face by "Indian Girl" or the intro jam, "Treat her like a Prostitute." There it was the guy with the silky voice and foreign accent -- that introduced me to Louis Vuitton and Bally shoes -- delivered a classic storytelling album that has inspired emcees and Hip-Hop listeners to this day. "The Adventures of Slick Rick" is definitely a classic. Although I don’t recommend the whole album for kids; but you gotta make them a tape or burn the appropriate songs for them! This is one of the ten CDs that I own. (Editor's Note: And that says a lot right there!)

words: Gayle "G.Ski" Smaller

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