"On America's Decline & Fall: Melville, Morrison, & DuBois its greatest historians. Ella Baker understands the 'we' consciousness, unlike Martin (L.K., closest to me, as a Christian) who still believes in the messianic figure at the top. Malcolm is Jazz in motion, he was Coltrane's Love Supreme" / Cornel West 2014 interview with Democracy Now

On Twitter, I mistakenly called Dr. @ImaniPerry African-America's ambassador to America (also commonly known in 2014 as white-America, or mainstream-America, or perhaps capitalist-America, which doesn't include the petty-bourgeoisie merely imagining that they are capitalists). However, this honor still belongs to Dr. @CornelWest, which he proves in this video with Democracy Now, sketching a mental mini-portrait of America's greatest 20th century intellectuals for the Democracy Now audience, fresh off his return from immersion in/at Union Theological Seminary in New York. He appears to be speaking with his eggun (ancestors), as Dr. @AnyabwileLove would say. Here, he uses a sort of prophetic christian black-power intergenerational approach, taking obvious cues from Black/Africana Studies founder Dr. John Henrik Clarke who was a master of intergenerational storytelling (aka Teaching, such as when he taught Dr. West some things). (h/t @ddehewty)

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