The dilemma of the metaphorical mulatto

I'm not sure how I missed this comment a loooong while back. But that Michael Fisher post had me searching for this post:
Electricladylike said: I don't know how I missed this one...but I feel that there are some inherent differences between individuals who maintain a Eurocentric point of view and human beings who are developed within the African World View. Scholars like Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop and Dr. Charles Finch have written extensively on the subject. so has Dr. Jacob Carruthers in Essays in Ancient Egyptian Studies as well as Intellectual Warfare. My point: there are profound distinctions. There are differences that make a world of philosophical difference. I'm sure Caucasians read the Liberator; I know that thats a part of the European identity crisis ANYWAY. (Attaching to the rebellious other!). As mentioned, New Orleans was an eye-opener (that same white lady pushed my buttons too!).

And also: I don't really care to have hope for white individuals. I don't have the energy to hate or love them; I don't feel that we share the same world view at all. I believe that their may be another John Brown, but there have been so MANY more Africans who have bled and died. I mean, its so uncanny. As James Baldwin so eloquently says: if we ever calculated the damage that has been done to African people it would really be deep. Sitting in a classroom with students,trying to teach them, trying to love them, I realize the depth of our wounds. I just don't have the energy to fight with white folks about their origin or their future. I am only concerned with bulding for us and ours (so to speak). I honestly don't respect their collective humanity (or the lack their of) enough. I can concede that there are exceptions. However, I don't have time to worry about them. If they are bright, they will find their way. But the damage has been done. There is no way to undo it...but we can work towards healing the wounds. Identifying the areas that have been damaged. Unless a European is willing to give, put in the WORK, give their heart, mind, and soul to our agenda...I refuse to even SEE them.
It is not my intention to offend any indivudal (be that white or otherwise) wh connects to the concept of humanity that originates in Africa. However, those who connect themselves to the deviance of modern Europe will have to grin and bear it.
The infamous convo is back. Is this the most popular topic ever on the site? In case you missed it. Here are the pieces:

1) It started off with this: Do White People Read The Liberator?
2) Then got into this: The Dilemma of the Metaphorical Mulatto.
3) And the latest incarnation was this: White Privilege.
4) And this: Paleness as Pathology: The Future of Racism + AntiRacism

The "Dilemma" post has been seeing some activity in the past few days with the conversation heating up again. Here are some of the questions being dealt with throughout all of these conversations:
Is "whiteness" inherently destructive?
Is "whiteness" really about simply having white skin?
Is race reality or construct?
Or both?
Is there a such thing as being neutral?
Is the personal ALWAYS political?
Or is the personal sometimes apolitical?

It's a whole lotta reading but very, very interesting discussion. Well worth it. Check it out. There's also a good article in the latest issue of The Liberator entitled, "In Search of a Positive White Identity". Make sure you cop that and read it as well.

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