my mother/sovereign is an infinite ocean


So this is how I think of meditation
The capacitance of my soul is finite. The relation between soul and heart and soul and breath is negative and the heart and breath are positive. The chemical reaction is emotion.

Electrons collect on the negative terminal of the battery. If you connect a wire between the negative and positive terminals, the electrons will flow from the negative to the positive terminal as fast as they can

Inside the battery itself, a chemical reaction produces the electrons. The speed of electron production by this chemical reaction (the battery's internal resistance) controls how many electrons can flow between the terminals. Electrons flow from the battery into a wire, and must travel from the negative to the positive terminal for the chemical reaction to take place.

This is how I think of prayer
My Mother/Queen is a capacitor, my soul is a battery.

The difference between a capacitor and a battery is that a capacitor can dump its entire charge in a tiny fraction of a second, where a battery would take minutes to completely discharge.

A capacitor's storage potential, or capacitance, is measured in units called farads

The love of my Mother/Queen changes my soul; Love flows from Her positive infinity through my mind to my negative soul.

This is how I think of peace
The basic idea behind the rechargeable battery is simple: when electrical energy is applied to the battery, the electron flow from negative to positive that occurs during discharge is reversed and power is restored.


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