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{Brooklyn, NY}
The Liberator Magazine


Word On The Street is a collaboration between Crown Heights Live and The Liberator Magazine. Crown Heights Live is a multimedia program dedicated to the education and empowerment of youth within the community. The goal of the program is to enhance the lives of youth, ages 14-20, by providing a wide range of activities, providing a platform for teens to inspire change in their community by utilizing their voices through various forms of expression.

by Tianesha Drayton

Who the hell do they think they are?
Sending misunderstood kids out their minds so far
Telling them their psycho and out of order
Wanna make up crazy words like schizophrenic and bipolar ...
Just to drug them up and put them down
Kids that were AT LEAST happy, now, with a frown
Thinking that something is wrong with them and that they shouldn’t be living
Kids that just had strong feelings now put out they minds and just straight tripping
It was no need for that ... why couldn’t their feelings just stay strong?
Now they all fu**ed up in da head thinking something is all wrong
They were just quiet children, that didn’t know what to say ...
But because of that now they gotta be drugged up night and day
The reason why I speak for the kids they call crazy
Is because it just so happens one of those kids is me

They label us in such a way that makes us think we have no purpose for life
And that reduces us to committing suicide or cutting ourselves with a knife
We just needed someone to trust, to talk to, someone who actually gave a fu**
No way in hell we wanted someone to dose us up
Doctors think when you hold in your anger that you must be crazy
But when you finally let it all out they send your ass to kings county
Labels don’t help you they only make you weak ...
They only crash your mind and make you crumble down to your feet
They don’t understand that our generations have changed
And the way it used to be has not been the same
If only they understood, then maybe there wouldn’t be as many suicide attempts
More children would be in school, instead of being out there getting bent
To me, labels aren’t needed for anything ... there’s no need for a “diagnosis”
I don’t think there’s any money in the cure, just some doctors speaking bullsh!t and a lot of kids with no choices

by Kimberly Antoine

Everyone goes through changes through out the years. Life wouldn’t be anything without changes. If we were children foreve, then there would be no future. So, to bring about what we want in life, we most do something about it. There’s so much I can do to change something. If you love your home would you let someone come in a destroy it? And if your home got destroyed wouldn’t you do something to change the situation? Think about that question and see what you will do.

With much going on in our society in this decade, the violence, rape, gang fights, murders and much more, what can we do to change it before it’s too late? I believe if you believe in something enough, then you can change anything. With everything going on with Sean Bell and people protesting, I think that’s a great way to bring about change. Violence is not really changing anything it’s just bringing more problems about. Violence is what usually brings about issues. The best way to bring about change is for everyone to talk and discuss the problem and agree on a way to solve it. If everyone has a different way of solving something and they don’t take the time to listen to others and they think their way is the best, then nothing is really going to be solved that way. There’s only going to be more and more drama. So find a way to solve your problems. Two heads are better than one. Imagine what a million heads can do together if we reach out for each other’s help.

If a child can change -- then anyone can change.

When I want something I go for it, so why wouldn’t I stand by what I believe is right. When you believe in something and someone is trying to bring it down, you will be quick to defend it. When I see something I don’t agree with, I quickly find a way to bring it to an end. I will fight to the fullest and see what I can do to win my rights. Think about if Martin Luther King, Jr. just stood around and did not do anything. Don’t you think we would still be dealing with a lot more racism; I think so. My rights are meant for me as much as for anyone else. Lets stand up for our rights and see how far life can go.

Fight for rights. Everyone has a right to fight for their rights.

Red, Black, and Green
by Shantese Ash

My people, our people
Have been used and abused
And have been taken through
Far too much than we need to.
All the violence and trouble,
And the loss of my people!
If we were promised to be equal,
Then why do we struggle?

{liberatormagazine.com exclusive feature}
{The Liberator Magazine 7.2 #22, 2008}

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