Breezy LoveJoy aka Anderson .Paak

Breezy LoveJoy is name that lends itself to immediate judgement. Either you're intrigued by it or turned off. The music of, though, will make you forget about that dilemma. Breezy's young, but this s*** is undeniably fresh, creative, and fun.

Featuring on "Follow Through" (music video below), Breezy adds all the flavor for the track. You instantly get a sense for his style and talent when you hear the wailing hook. The track is off The Classic EP by Afro Classics (comprised of Scarub from the group Living Legends and Very from the group Us Pros).

Follow Through


Sing My Song (rightclick+download)

Slowdown (rightclick+download)

Sumthin For The Radio (rightclick+download)

Sh%t I Can't Clear (download it)

Coldtapes (download it)

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