Mumia on Kanye: "Most Brilliant"

Mumia Abu-Jamal addresses the past "year of Kanye" in context {see: Kanye: "One w/ energy of my dreams"}. The concept of Mumia and Kanye in conversation is itself fascinating. Imagine a live exchange (if Jay-Z and Cornel West can sit down, why not?).

Here, Mumia comes to the defense of West from behind enemy lines, almost saying for him now what Kanye might say one day for himself when he's older and wiser -- Mumia has nothing to lose. For now, Mumia says Kanye speaks directly through his art as one of the "most brilliant musical artists of his generation." As a black son, I love when our fathers speak to us directly. This affirmation across such a perceived large internal cultural divide is the village in the space of action, the work of unity. Someone make sure Kanye hears this -- and the Mumia lovers and Kanye lovers alike. We'll meet you at that intersection.


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