chancellor williams on full employment


Starting with sharing parts 7 and 8 in consideration of those with short time, which is a sort of fast forward to the modern reality we're in. This is where Dr. Chancellor Williams (author of the essential book "The Destruction of Black Civilization") touches on the fallacies of the hope of full employment -- and the intentional functions of unemployment -- in modern society. Parts 1-6 follow, for more serious viewers -- Dr. Williams addresses the charges of black on black destruction, drug abuse and more -- as well as 3 videos from an interview Dr. Williams did with Tony Brown's Journal.

"Full employment would be the solution but this nation is not ready for that... full employment would be the last thing -- it would come by accident if it comes, but not through any constructive program. So there's no alternative but public welfare -- people have no choice, they have to live. And full employment not just in name; we have a law for full employment but it doesn't do a thing."

Part Seven

Part Eight

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Also check out Chancellor Williams' Interview with Tony Brown's Journal.

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