seu jorge & almaz / the model: marcello in limbo; oshun & the dream


Kahlil Joseph with Brazilian music artist Seu Jorge's "The Model." The short, divided into two chapters -- “Marcello in Limbo” and "Oshun and The Dream" -- is a companion piece to the release of Jorge's latest album Seu Jorge and Almaz.

Khalil Joseph on creative influences, Oshun and Carl Jung:

Inspiration: “The biggest inspiration for this film was actually inspiration itself. I didn't know what I was going to do when Jorge and I met, so we just talked ourselves through the film until it was finished. The whole thing could almost be described as an exercise in improvisation on the part of the actor and the filmmaker.”

Oshun (The Model) who appears in Jorge’s character's dreams: “Using Oshun [played by model Jodie Smith] as the character of The Model was important to me because of her prominence in Brazilian culture and religion, and her attributes as the very embodiment of ‘beauty.’ But I also knew I wanted her character to operate on an archetypal level. Orishas [the set of deities worshipped in African-based religions, including the Yoruba tradition Joseph is referencing here] very often mystically reveal themselves to people in their dreams, something Carl Jung would consider incredibly important.”

Carl G. Jung: “Jung was a huge inspiration for this film—[specifically] a verse from The Red Book ("Soul and God," page 233)—in that the Swiss psychiatrist’s ideas can be found in every aspect of the piece: the journey and the confusion, the symbols, the children, the therapy dynamic… Probably not the sexiest music video reference, but then again, we were shooting a beautiful model and Seu Jorge, so I knew we'd be OK.”

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