Healing, Magic and Master Gardeners / George Washington Carver and Osayin

"Nothing is more beautiful than the loveliness of the woods before sunrise."
-George Washington Carver

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"Osayin or Òsányìn (the master gardener) is the original keeper of all vegetation on earth. He, like Yemaya (the ocean, essence of motherhood and protector of children), is very old and wise. He is the orixa of healing (herbal medicine) and magic and holds all the secrets of the lands and forests. He works through the air and fire element. Osayin is so powerful that it is said he cannot be settled fully in the head of his "horse" (medium). His colours are green, yellow and white. He also uses green and brown at times and has been represented as St. Francis or St. Joseph, who are healers in the Catholic tradition." (source)

Originally Posted 3/8/2011

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