On the yearning for the phantom messiah / "A crisis now stands at the forefront of Negro Political Thought"

exclusive feature
Wilhelm von Schadow

Probably since the first nigga was thrown into the hull of the slave ship, niggas have maintained some vague hope that a messiah would come along and restore order to the chaos of nigga life. As the ship seared across the Atlantic, the slave dreamt of a savior who would one day arrive and destroy his chains, place cool rags on his whip-ravished back, and return him (figuratively or literally) to the replenishing, sweet milk of Africa.

The nigga has clung to this dream for roughly 500 years and no messiah has appeared. Malcolm and Martin were two candidates but after their deaths the nigga populace began losing hope in this dream until the emergence of Obama. Nevertheless, as presidents are inherently tied to the status quo, many niggas are realizing that Obama is in fact not their messiah.

A crisis now stands at the forefront of Negro Political Thought: Who can really save us? The negro may go on being transfixed by this question for another 500 years.

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