Jay Electronica lecture at Red Bull Music Academy, London 2010

Info: "Say, Barack Obama for example ... What he represented, it wasn't Barack Obama, it was the people feeling a certain way. Then, what was dangerous about that is that after he became the president, you had a decrease in that energy because it started being attached to a person. It didn't start with a person to begin with because what that person was doing was tapping into something that was already present. When you attach it to a person, and if that person has a goal and the goal is accomplished, then we go home and have breakfast and go back to normal shit...


[...] Like Soulja Boy, say, he had a big huge record in the States recently (sings): ”Hopped up out the bed turn my swag on.” I wish I could play that, that's a track that hip hop purists or somebody listening for poetry would dismiss: ”This is just bullshit, talking about clothes and money.” No, he is talking about self improvement, but not with the words. Maybe he hasn't had the experiences or the intake of the proper things to communicate it in a way that I want to hear it, but in the energy of it he is saying it. It is present.

[...] I am a conspiracy theorist. I believe that Red Bull is controlled by the government (laughter). I am a conspiracy theorist all the way. You work for the illuminati. Me too. I am a conspiracy theorist to the point where we all are working for them.

[...] as I get older I try not to become a rejecter. I'm a conspiracy theorist and I say that seriously but jokingly at the same time, because what is a conspiracy? Conspiracies are people getting together to do something. The illuminati is not a thing that falls out of the sky, it is not an unknown thing from the universe, it is people. If there is a illuminati, or a control group that is doing it, it could be us. ”OK, today we're going to do this and we're going to take this Red Bull thing,” it is just people (laughter). What? This is Red Bull, right? I went through a rejection phase: ”I will reject that, Jesus did not die on the cross and float up into the sky.” It doesn't matter if I believe that or not – well, I’m not going to say that either because I don't know. Everything that I'm saying is just my thesis. If I'm in school, then I am writing my thesis. This is my thesis. I have learned that as a rejecter, when I had got to the point where I was rejecting things, a lot of it is anger too. You get mad when somebody told you there is no such a thing as Santa Claus. Firstly hurt, then you be mad that somebody is telling you that, then you can't believe that your mom lied to you all that time. You go through all that, it is the same type of thing because we’re really children, we’re young. Turtles and trees live hundreds of years but we get out of here quick.

[...] So Jay Electronica, my name is Je’Ri and Electronica is like, if I was a superhero then that would be my superhero name. I didn't choose electronica based on music, based on the genre of music, I was playing around with electricity. I’m a big fan of Nikola Tesla, everything is energy and electricity so I was trying to make a play on that. But I wanted to be feminine, too, because I feel like rap is such a caveman [scene]. I wanted to have the feminine side, otherwise it would have been an ’O’ at the end so I put the ’A’ there because I was raised by women. I was raised by my mother, my grandmother, when I grew up I only had a sister, all my cousins were female. I had one male cousin and I recognise in my own life neglecting my feminist side also causes me to deal with females in a certain way and it is the time when I am most unproductive in my life. So, that’s why Jay Electronica.

[...] Oddly enough, when my friends had children, my people have been having children since I was in high school. I am late on children, my daughter, she is one, she just made one on February 1. I expected that this thing was going to hit me, or I was going to open up like a flower, or have some type of experience, and I haven't felt that yet. I can't explain it, I guess, it did happen because it did shift the way that I think in a certain way. Not necessarily in my behaviour, you can see it, but just in the way that I'm taking it in and processing that, eventually, it is going to translate into the behaviour. Just the experience of having a child is a wonderful thing, it is amazing. I look at her and it's like: ”Damn, you look like my momma.” Then she smiles or something, it is an amazing thing. Right now, it is still new and I am still learning and I'm still becoming accustomed to it. She breastfeeds so is completely latched to momma right now, nobody else exists, so she is just knowing me and we are just beginning. We had a home birth, I delivered her my own self, cut the cord, pulled her out, cleaned her up, everything."

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