the last generation of black people

The Last Generation of Black People

2012, New York/Minneapolis: The Liberator Magazine.
ISBN 9780991108404


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"On a level nobody else is on... nothing like this exists elsewhere."

Table Of Contents:

» Editor's Note
(by Brian Hughes Kasoro / Minneapolis, MN:USA)

» For the Sake of Sanity
(by Stephanie Joy Tisdale / Philadelphia, PA:USA)

» Realities We Otherwise Would Never Know: The Art Of Relating Beyond Ideology
(by Brian Hughes Kasoro / Brooklyn, NY:USA)

» On Aesthetic Reasoning In Africana Studies
(by Josh Myers / Philadelphia, PA:USA)

» The Case of Hip-Hop
(by Michael J. Wilson / Brooklyn, NY:USA)

» Outsider Music: Willis Earl Beal and the Real Blues
(by Brian Kupillas / Fayatteville, AR:USA)

» I'm in the Band
(by Nira Minniefield / Houston, TX:USA)

» Nat Turner: God's Instrument of Vengeance
(by Vagabond Beaumont / New Rochelle, NY:USA)

» Reflections on African (American) Adulthood in an Object Permanence Culture
(by Adisa Ajamu / Long Beach, CA:USA)

» The Children of Injustice (book excerpt)
(by Ruth Auguste / Vancouver: Canada)

» (art) Rap Music and Gold Teeth
(by Fletcher Williams / New York, NY:USA)

» The Percussive Approach
(by Sherese Francis / Hollis, NY:USA)

» The Last Mask: An Ekphrasis of Papua's Masquerade Kamoro
(by Mia R. Keeys / Jakarta: Indonesia)

» "Dude, you're the Whitest Black man I've ever met."
(by Khaya Maseko / Johannesburg: South Africa)

» The Rise and Inevitable Liberation of the Black Creative Class
(by Robert Bland / Hyattsville, MD:USA)

» Beautyful Radiant Things
(by Taryn Jeanie Mackay / Johannesburg: South Africa)

» Notes from the Nobodies
(by Jessica Porter and Jeanette E. Toomer / Brooklyn, NY:USA)

» A Prince Remembers A King Named Oliver In Exile
(by Shawn Chandler Bingham / Tampa, FL:USA)

» Speaking Truth to Perceived Power
(by Vanessa May / Los Angeles, CA:USA)

» I Bet You Thought Her Life Was About You (Ms. Lauryn Hill)
(by Krystal Nylle Roberts / Atlanta, GA:USA)

» Heathen Songs of the Natives
(by Charles Nhamo Rupare / Johannesburg, South Africa)

» Afro-America at the Crossroads: Ritual Ethnogenesis
(by Shayla Monroe / Memphis, TN:USA)

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The Last Generation of Black People

The opening words of The Liberator Magazine’s first book release fittingly belong to historian Dr. John Henrik Clarke: “A people’s name should link them to land, history, and culture. ‘Black’ tells you how you look, but not who you are.”

So begins The Last Generation of Black People (The Liberator Magazine, 2012) — a biographic, ethnographic compilation of critical research in consciousness and culture that marks more than a decade of independent print journal publishing. The theme and namesake were born out of a recognition that a mutation had occurred; from the multi-generational experiences bracketed by post-slavery reconstruction and the crack epidemic of the 80s, into fully-commercialized notions of “Blackness.” At this pivotal juncture, the generation of the post-crack era could either go the way of an historically-amnesic Blackness or embrace the potential for a generational rebirth and time-signature realignment with African land, history, and culture.

“In order to proceed confidently with the work of remaking lost connections in our collective consciousness there ought to be sober acceptance, as a whole, however long it takes, of both what we are and what we are not,” said publisher Brian Kasoro. “It follows that it may be a good thing to cap an era of rhetorical confusion.”

The Last Generation of Black People is 138 compact and perfect-bound pages with a matte full-color finish, adorned with commissioned double-cover artwork, reprinted on limited edition t-shirts.

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