The Mattertime / A New Perspective of Matter, Space, and Time

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Alfred Ang'asa

Matter exists in three forms: hardware, software, and energy. Any single particle of matter consists of these three forms. The conception of space in relation to matter has always created a wrong impression that matter, especially the observable, occupies the space. This idea persists even though investigations prove that matter is incomprehensible and incapable of finality both in description and experimentation, and time is the miraculous commodity which enables any logical perception of matter in any of its forms.

Laws enacted from theories of matter, by individuals naming after themselves and patenting, have done very little to bring to the universal harmony the knowledge and advancement concerning matter. But even though the natural laws lack universality and permanence, advanced scientific investigations reveal particles of matter as physically extremely orderly, technologically sophisticated, and yet at the microscopic level, emerging from bewildering entropy. These should be reason enough to ideally flex all the natural laws of matter to allow insightful and visionary revelations of some aspects of matter however weird they might be.

First and foremost, objects and subjects of matter’s three observable dimensions of length, width, and height are mere previews of the real thing as limited by time. Secondly, the welding of time with space to form a dimensional continuum is an erroneous notion hypothesizing matter as occupying an empty vacuum, in complete ignorance of other forms of the same matter. This idea, hoping to give objects of matter their fourth dimension, have since complicated the conception of matter, pointing its continuum to infinity but creating confusion and encouraging destruction of the very order existing in matter. Thirdly, the insistence of science on the truth of matter’s existence as only based on concrete observation, investigation, and rigorous experimentation is rather a blockade of knowledge on other aspects of matter and a discouragement on any attempts on their discovery by any other means. This, notwithstanding the fact that observable matter only accounts for about five percent of the entire Matter.

Energy and mass are basic components of any given particle of matter, however, time is the invaluable ingredient, therein, that enables any logical observation of its dimensions. Such a mentionable particle consists of the Energy-Mass-Time (EMT), or mattertime. Time is the element in this Triad that enables any logical continuum in a particle of matter. Mattertime, therefore, is the sum total content in an observable object or subject of any particle of the illuminated Matter. Any form of matter which is devoid of Mattertime even though it exists, may be incapable of traditional scientific procedure; thus the need to find more visionary methods for the possible discovery of the other forms of Matter.

EMT is in transition because whereas Energy and Mass cannot be created nor destroyed, Time can be created, manipulated as well as destroyed. Mass and Energy are incomprehensible and dark and because of the illumination effect caused by the mattertime phenomenon, they can be observed. Time is the effect and affect that enables the mathematical manipulations creating dimensions, scalars, vectors and even allows the existence of an illusion that is space.

Following are the inextricable segments of matter and the percentage of their compositions: Illuminated Matter (5%); Extended Matter (25%); Negated Matter (70%).

Illuminated Matter is anything other than energy with known or unknown mass that we are able to observe, feel and logically think about. Such a thing that is presumably occupying Space and composed of definable particles such as; molecules, atoms, neutrons/protons, electrons, quarks, leptons and many others awaiting discovery; all the known contents of the mass of our universe from our own bodies and surroundings to our solar system and the galaxies. In this category of matter, Time is the most important and necessary ingredient that enables any physical particle of this matter to appear in the three dimensions as well as gives volume, area and also the acquisition of positions and weights through relativity. Particles of this matter are capable of clarity and being lighted up through a phenomenon I call Mattertime.

Illuminated matter exists in the form of Hardware and is presented in the three states of solid, liquid and gas with fermions receding back to energy. This is the Ordinary or physical matter and digitalization of this matter is an attempted extension. This matter composes only five percent of the entirety.

Extended Matter is that part of matter like the software that takes up that which is considered as Space. When all observable objects are removed from the universe, what remains is not the space but rather the extended matter; in other words it is the ‘space’ that occupies matter because of the fact that the space is only a creativity of the Mind. This form of matter is invisible but its effects are manifold. The arrow of mattertime points into this matter (referred to as the Dark Matter) and the information entering its realm cannot be scientifically retrieved; the so called Black Holes points to its existence. Observable objects of matter actually occupy and are part of the extension. Science projects this matter as consisting about twenty five percent of the whole part of the entire matter.

Rene Descartes attempted to describe the characteristics of extended matter as the existence of more than one dimension, John Locke maintained that it is the space possessed by a body, and Baruch Spinoza added that it cannot be limited by any ideas. Albert Einstein’s space time continuum is an indication that description of a particle of matter leads to infinity which is an extension in itself. The Infinite Divisibility of a particle of matter is an indication of the mentioned extension.

Finally, Negated Matter can be understood in the following manner: Scientific thought and systems have managed with some degree of success to split the building blocks of the observable matter’s elements to the most amazingly minute microscopic particles. These particles can be broken down further and further to the point of abstraction and at those extreme forms it will be discovered that only energy will be coming out from very bewildering entropy. At this juncture, the hypothesized white holes out of which strange particles of matter churn out are the pointers to the existence of this form of matter. Take for example any atom of an element; when split, you get protons, neutrons and electrons; split these further and you get quarks and leptons. Fermions are associated with matter and bosons with energy. This trend of things leads to what I call the negated matter because it is a deductive knowledge of the observable matter towards its origins. It is postulated that this matter is made up of Energy and composes the remaining seventy percent of the whole.

In this mystery of things, EMT [Energy-Mass-Time] or mattertime is a point on the incredulous Matter which is a mirror image of what is in the much more real existence.

The above arguments therefore lead up to the following statements which require an interested mind to fathom:

// Space, whether an entity or a relation between entities, does not exist. It is therefore only a creative framework by the mind to enable some description. Space-time continuum is therefore a fallacious mirage attempting to create another dimension without finality. There is nothing in reality like an empty space or a vacuum but all this is matter in its different forms.

// Time is a factor of Energy. It finds its expressions and impressions on matter and not space as may be stipulated by the spacetime concept. This means that time must be woven with some form or associated with some particle of matter to make sense. The relationship between time and matter causes an illuminating effect an indication of the presence of energy. Thus, the Mattertime.

// An observable particle of matter is never an independent entity but a constituent and a reflection of the whole. Objects or particles are related as parts, and individualization is just a hypothesis which is not correct.

For over two thousand years, Euclid of Alexandria’s ideas of space which formed the basis of Geometry consisted only of space like dimensions. The inconsistency of his system gave rise to Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity in which his kinsman Hermann Minkowski eked out the concept of spacetime. But any theory that is set to use space as an entity or a relation between entities in description is surely bound with serious flaws, complications, and destined to a dead end however long it may take. From the confusions of spacelike to timelike dimensions, the mattertimelike dimensions should be able to simplify theories and inspire intuition in mathematical projections. Understanding Mattertime will enable us to recognize and dispel the limitations of traditional scientific dogmas and look forward to unravel new frontiers of thought. -END-

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