skin wellness

Skin Wellness is a practice as old as humanity. It is one of the best rituals to begin creating, and is the foundation for, a healthy sense of self. As a regular gift to our $10+/month members Live From Planet Earth offers traveling facial skin care consultation and routine techniques.* Confirm your membership and we'll start scheduling with you right away.

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With us in Jamaica (partial airfare reimbursement), &/or at your home, job, & events (includes 1 item from our cleansing kit):

(Extractions, Skin analysis, Massage, Maintenance, Aromatherapy, Photo Rejuvenation, Hydrotherapy, Detoxifying, Hydration, Toning, &/or High Frequency)
60/75/90 mins

(Tridoshic Full Body: Halo Therapy, Infrared Sauna & Shower, Hand & Foot Massage, & Back Treatment)
60/90 mins

(1. Back Treatment, 2. Micro Current, or 3. Biological Peels)
30 mins

Skype&Facetime&c. Video Consultation/Education
30 mins

"So informative in explaining every single step she's doing with my skin. I'm glad I finally met someone who was really willing to help and boost my natural skin barrier function, instead of focusing on giving that instant glow without really thinking about sustainable skin health."

"Not only extremely knowledgeable and attentive, but also she was ridiculously charismatic. My skin spoke to her, and she listened. Everything she applied to my face was explained thoroughly, and I never felt my face wasn’t in good hands. My skin was restored to a healthy glow, better than some longer facials I’ve had before. She helped me understand what type of post-facial care I needed for my problem areas."

"You are seriously the skin whisperer. It’s insane how much of an improvement I see."

Licensed Esthetician
Allow Madeline to assist you in building your honest beauty regimen, containing natural extracts and active-ingredient botanicals, along with a skin-analysis plan for long-term stabilization of the skin barrier, and to develop healthy boundaries for personal care. She will read your skin past, treat your skin present, and guide you to a healthy skin future.

Live From Planet Earth is a hands-on, cooperative meditation — on self-sustaining, tropical, organic human being and development — rooting and producing through your generous, reparative, faithful contributions. Please support by helping us fill this measure little by little, slowly but surely: Monthly ($10), ($270), ($280), ($290), ($300), ($320), ($400), ($420), ($500), ($520), ($1000).