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As a regular gift to our $15+/month members ($180+/year) Live From Planet Earth introduces a day & night Aloe Quinoa Rosemary exfoliating wash* and after-cleanser Flax Seed toner** for all skin types, face, hands, and body, hand-made using only all-natural ingredients.

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* 1. Quinoa (an "ancient mother grain" that's gluten-free & rich with anti-inflammatory compounds), 2. Raw Aloe Vera (an anti-inflammatory that also speeds up cell reproduction), 3. Glycerol (moisturizes the skin with natural triglycerides), 4. Vitamin E (tocopherol is a preservative and antioxidant), 5. Rosemary Essential Oil (an anti-microbial preservative), and 6. Lactic Acid (vg, aids in the removal of built-up dead skin & impurities while helping maintain the skin's pH balance). Apply a teaspoon to palm of hand, massage together with warm water, massage face/body in gentle circles while avoiding eyes/orifices, and completely rinse with warm water.

** 1. Aqua, 2. Brown Flax Seed (moisturizes the skin with natural lignan that scavenge free radicals increasing inflammatory resistance), 3. Raw Aloe Vera, 4. Vitamin E. Apply a dime size amount to skin, massage while avoiding eyes/orifices.

"Cleared my skin issues in 2 days! Feeling like I've got a whole new face. Winner!!!"

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