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Cultivare, cultiva terra, arable land, colere, colō; worship, protect, cultivate. As a regular gift to our $200+/month members ($2,400+/year) Live From Planet Earth offers 20 days/year on family/collective rural homestead estate in Jamaica.* We're also welcoming our $500+/month members ($6,000+/year) willing to garden organically with us, to get away on an unlimited/year basis. Message us or confirm your membership & we'll get you started (partial airfare reimbursement). If you'd like to simply support us without needing/wanting to receive these perks in return, please sign up for any small level of regular contribution below and you'll have our gratitude; we'd rather earn less overall support from a steady group of conscience-committed supporters, than earn more support from random non-committed voyeurs at unpredictable intervals. "Family first."

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* 1. Immersive Learning (complimentary group adventures, swimming, breathing, stretching, nature walking meditations, gardening, &c.), 2. Healthy Food (complimentary fruits, roots, seeds, herbs, & vegetables), 3. Skin Wellness Therapy (complimentary facials & our cleansing kit).

"It was wonderful! Even more than we expected. Greatly appreciated!"

"I didn't realize heaven was gonna look like this."

Live From Planet Earth is a hands-on, cooperative meditation — on self-sustaining, tropical, organic human being and development — rooting and producing through your generous, reparative, faithful contributions. Please support by helping us fill this measure little by little, slowly but surely: Annual ($36), ($2400), ($6000); Monthly ($3), ($5), ($10), ($25), ($30), ($40), ($60), ($70), ($80), ($90), ($130), ($200), ($500), ($1000).