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Cultivare, cultiva terra, arable land, colere, colō; worship, protect, cultivate.

Live From Planet Earth extends a special unlimited invitation to our family's small estate in Jamaica for our $2400+/biennium members. Sign up by clicking your membership contribution amount below.

Enjoy: 1. Nature Immersion Therapy & Africana Study Abroad (regenerative & sustainable permaculture gardening: organic fertilizer production/worm composting/seed saving/germination/eco-friendly pest & disease management/multi- & inter-cropping, swimming/breathing/stretching/walking/running meditation, & book/music/media study group); 2. Vegetarian/Vegan/Plant-Based Nutrition (complimentary menu of fruits, roots, seeds, herbs, & vegetables); & 3. Wellness/Skin Therapy (complimentary facial care, consultation, techniques, & nutrition/exercise study: see below). (become a contributing member at any lesser amount & you'll have our deepest gratitude for your support; if you're a friend wanting to reach out, feel free to use our personal emails to send us support through the Zelle/Quickpay feature in your banking app or CashApp $lvfrmplnt3).

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"It was wonderful! Even more than we expected. Greatly appreciated!"

"I didn't realize heaven was gonna look like this."

Live From Planet Earth is a hands-on, cooperative meditation — on self-sustaining, tropical, organic human being and development — rooting and producing through your generous, reparative, faithful contributions. Please support by helping us fill this measure little by little, slowly but surely: Biennial ($2400); Annual ($1200); Monthly ($5), ($10), ($25), ($30), ($40), ($60), ($70), ($80), ($90), ($130), ($200), ($300), ($500), ($1000).

Wellness/Skin Therapy ... eternal spring. As a regular gift to our $10+/month members Live From Planet Earth offers traveling & video wellness/facial skin care consultation, techniques, & nutrition/exercise study led by our licensed esthetician Madeline Lafontant, who will assist you in building your personal care regimen with natural extracts/active-ingredient botanicals & a skin-analysis plan for long-term skin barrier stabilization. Let us create/maintain a healthy sense of self, practicing essential wellness rituals as old as humanity herself. Sign up by reviewing & choosing your desired membership below.

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Video Consultation & Nutrition/Exercise Study
30 mins private Q&A: Youtube, Skype, Whatsapp, Facetime

Skin analysis, Massage, Maintenance, Extractions, Aromatherapy, Hydrotherapy, Detoxification, Hydration, &/ High Frequency
60-90 mins in Jamaica (partial airfare reimbursement), &/or at your home, job, events, &c.

"I've worked with her for 5 years & I continue to be grateful for her care & attention. When we first met, she treated my skin, & over the years we've come to think about skincare more holistically & center the conversation around what is in my body, what I consume, & what is around my body (stress, &c.) & fold that all into a plan about how to not only care for my skin, but also my self. I can't recommend her enough!"

"So informative in explaining every single step she's doing with my skin. I'm glad I finally met someone who was really willing to help and boost my natural skin barrier function, instead of focusing on giving that instant glow without really thinking about sustainable skin health."

"Not only extremely knowledgeable and attentive, but also she was ridiculously charismatic. My skin spoke to her, and she listened. Everything she applied to my face was explained thoroughly, and I never felt my face wasn’t in good hands. My skin was restored to a healthy glow, better than some longer facials I’ve had before. She helped me understand what type of post-facial care I needed for my problem areas."

"You are seriously the skin whisperer. It’s insane how much of an improvement I see."

Live From Planet Earth is a hands-on, cooperative meditation — on self-sustaining, tropical, organic human being and development — rooting and producing through your generous, reparative, faithful contributions. Please support by helping us fill this measure little by little, slowly but surely: Biennial ($2400); Monthly ($10), ($270), ($280), ($290), ($300), ($320), ($400), ($420), ($500), ($520), ($1000).

breaking (the) media

𓆃 "Protoje / In Bloom f. Lila Iké"

𓆃 "Baba Heru Speaks on Using the Language of the Neteru"

𓆃 "Traditional Mesoamerican Medicine for Healing Trauma"

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𓆃 "the mattertime / a nwn perspective of matter, space, & time (on matter, mind, & the battle of time) 𓆫𓉑𓆣 
wakati wa jambo / mtazamo nwn wa jambo, nafasi, & wakati (kwa jambo, akili, & vita ya wakati)"

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𓆃 "The Helical Model Pt. 2, Our Galaxy is a Vortex"

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𓆃 "I Left America To Ghana Because Of Obama"

𓆃 "It is Time to Address Airborne Transmission of COVID-19 ... studies have demonstrated ... beyond any reasonable doubt that microdroplets small enough to remain aloft pose a risk of exposure beyond 1 to 2 meters [3 to 6 feet]"

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𓆃 Domestic Migration to Dispersion Accelerates (Even before COVID)

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𓆃 "2/2: Dr. Greg Carr speaks on Bernie Sanders, Jesse Jackson, Gary Indiana 1972, & Reparations / Medicare For All / Subsidized College For All"

𓆃 "Dr. Greg Carr on 2020 Election 2/2"

𓆃 "Queen & Slim Could Be One of the Great Love Stories of All Time—if You Let It"

𓆃 "Natural Services From A Cultivated But Somewhat Unmanicured Lawn"

𓆃 "More than a third of U.S. healthcare costs go to bureaucracy/administration (insurance company overhead & provider time spent on billing), more than $800 billion in 2017, or nearly $2,500 per person"

𓆃 "U.S. health-care system is most expensive in the world, delivers worst health of any rich country, costing $1 trillion more per year than the next-most-expensive system—Switzerland's; U.S. households pay extra $8,000 per year"

𓆃 "Jan 6: Joni Eisenberg interviews Drs. Anthony T. Browder & Greg Carr / Working For Peace, Africana-Studying Ancestors Abroad"

𓆃 "Jan 6: Julianne Malveaux interviews Dr. Greg Carr / Pedagogy is Studying Together & Asking Who Are We To Each Other, Who Have We Been To Other People?"

𓆃 "Superior pinpoints strategic racism in science & the history of"

𓆃 Former Cigna executive Wendell Potter: "existing health care system is irreparable... absolutely convinced... private insurance companies aren't motivated to keep costs of care low... We cannot keep the multipayer system in place & just add a public option. That's not going to work. That's just going to add even more complexity to the system"

𓆃 "How Centrist Bias (a.k.a. Boundary Work, a kind of rhetoric performed in public argument where something is asserted to be science by stressing what it is not, e.g. pseudo-science, faith, or religion) hurts Sanders & Warren; The media has a bigger problem than liberal bias: false-equivalence, i.e. the reflexive assumption that reality is halfway between whatever two contending sides assert"

𓆃 "Black women 320% more likely to die from complications in childbirth"

𓆃 "In New Round of Tests, Bayer-Monsanto's Weedkiller Still Contaminates Cheerios, Oats, Granola; Latest Findings Come as Courts Levy More Than $2B in Judgments Over Cancer-Causing Glyphosate"

𓆃 "Fear, uncertainty, and doubt (often shortened to FUD) is a disinformation strategy used in sales, religion, marketing, public relations, politics, cults, & propaganda, generally a strategy to influence perception by disseminating negative & dubious or false information & a manifestation of the appeal to fear"

𓆃 "3M/DuPont 'Forever Chemicals' (Per/Poly -fluorinated Substances: PFAS, PFOA, PFOS) Found in More Than 1,300 Contamination Sites in 49 States' Water Systems/Sources, & Rain"

𓆃 "The Misleading Health Benefits of Drinking Red Wine; All alcohol (3rd leading U.S. cause of death behind tobacco & poor diet/exercise) is an addictive neurotoxin (stroke), carcinogen (cancer), & depressant"

𓆃 "The 7 principles of Kwanzaa/Africana Heritage: Umoja/Unity (to strive for & maintain unity in family, community, nation, & race); Kujichagulia/Self-Determination (to define & name ourselves, as well as to create & speak for ourselves); Ujima/Collective Work & Responsibility (to build & maintain community & make problems our problems to solve them together); Ujamaa/Cooperative Economics (to build & maintain our own stores, shops, & businesses & profit from them together); Nia/Purpose (to make our collective vocation the building & developing of community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness); Kuumba/Creativity (to do always as much as we can, in the way we can, in order to leave our community more beautiful & beneficial than we inherited it); Imani/Faith (to believe with all our hearts in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders, & the righteousness & victory of our struggle)"

𓆃 "Conversation with Dr. Bruce Lipton about sound (vs. chemical) healing, resonance, & harmony"

𓆃 "History Suggests that Most Physicians Likely to Remain as Participants in Medicare for All"

𓆃 "A deeply funded lobbying group led by a former Hillary Clinton aide is out to kill Medicare for All"

𓆃 "I Saw A Paid Culinary 226 Union Organizer Heckle Bernie Sanders & I Haven't Stopped Wondering Why"

𓆃 "Medicare For All Is The Only Viable Plan & The Fifth Circuit Just Proved It"

𓆃 "Economic Analysis of Medicare for All by Robert Pollin, James Heintz, Peter Arno, Jeannette Wicks-Lim, & Michael Ash (UMass Amherst Political Economy Research Institute): Nobody is purveying more nonsensical double-talk around it than Biden who doesn't have the integrity to recognize that it will generate net savings for virtually all... Buttigieg's public option approach cannot produce any significant cost savings because it does not offer any opportunities for administrative simplicity"

𓆃 "Dr. Umar Johnson On Private (vs. Charter) Black Education, Politics, Entertainment, Wealth, Therapy + More"

𓆃 Watchmen Vol. 3 Soundtrack: "Laura Dickinson, Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, Dan Higgins, & Rich Breen / The Way It Used To Be"

𓆃 "Debate on The Origin Of Jesus"

𓆃 "Granary 12 - Land of Extortion (Weapons of Desire)"

𓆃 "Seven Fires Prophecy & the human extinction"

𓆃 "Is African Spirituality Bad?"

𓆃 "Lessons on talking across our rancorous political divides"

𓆃 "How America's Elites Lost Their Grip"

𓆃 "Deconstructed Special: The Noam Chomsky Interview"

𓆃 "Morbid Symptoms"

𓆃 "When Marx Looked Outside Europe"

𓆃 "Against Reconciliation"

𓆃 Adolph Reed Jr. responds to critique of left by Obama & warns that establishment Dems would try to kill Bernie Sanders if he wins

𓆃 "The Real Deal with Medicare for All"

𓆃 "Roberta Flack / I Can See The Sun In Late December"

𓆃 "About That "Here Are All the Black People" Advertising Week Event..."

𓆃 "Does modern porn lead to more sex positivity?"

𓆃 "How more women in porn production could help curb the stigma"

𓆃 "Two cannabis-based medicines, used to treat epilepsy & multiple sclerosis, have been approved for use by the National Health Service in England"

𓆃 @SlinkJohnson "Respect. OG conversation. Time for the OGs & vets to lead. This is how the big homies are supposed to get at you. Tell them youngstas the truth."

𓆃 "Former AU Ambassador To The U.S. On Her Dismissal, France's Ongoing Influence In Africa"

𓆃 "James Baldwin & Nikki Giovanni, A Conversation"

𓆃 "ROOTS 1977 Miniseries Trailer"

𓆃 "New Rule: SCAMerica"

𓆃 "Billionaires Now Pay Lower Tax Rates Than Working Class"

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Live From Planet Earth is a hands-on, cooperative meditation — on self-sustaining, tropical, organic human being and development — rooting and producing through your generous, reparative, faithful contributions. Please support by helping us fill this measure little by little, slowly but surely: Biennial ($2400); Monthly ($5), ($10), ($25), ($30), ($40), ($60), ($70), ($80), ($90), ($130), ($200), ($500), ($1000).