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Our Family Extends A Special Unlimited Invitation To You, Our $2400+ Per Biennium Members, To Rest & Practice With Us In Jamaica.


Nature immersion therapy (bonfire, stargazing, swimming, walking meditation, fishing, etc.), regenerative & sustainable gardening, organic soil, fertilizer, & mulch production, worm composting, seed saving, germination, eco-friendly pest & disease management, multi- & inter-cropping:

Massage, ph-balancing, extractions, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, detoxification, high-frequency treatments, regimen design, & skin-barrier analysis/planning for long-term stabilization (using botanicals such as witch hazel & our homegrown aloe vera):

Plant-based East African/ Haitian/ Jamaican/ Indigenous/ Southern cuisine & nutrition (fruits, roots, seeds/nuts/grains/beans, herbs/teas, vegetable dishes, & limited meat/eggs on request):

Thank You, Current Members:

Jasmine Berry
Christine Lafontant


"Wonderful! Even more than we expected. Greatly appreciated!"

"5+ years of care & attention: treated my skin holistically, centered what's in my body, what I consume, & what's around my body (stress, &c.) & folded that all into a plan to care for myself. I can't recommend enough!"
(Naima Green)

"Opened my eyes & inspired me to change my life."

"So informative & taught me how to boost my natural skin-barrier function sustainably, instead of temporary instant-glow."

"Extremely knowledgeable, attentive, & ridiculously charismatic. Listened & explained everything thoroughly & I never felt like I wasn’t in good hands. Restored me & helped me understand what I needed to do to take care of myself at home."

"I didn't realize heaven was gonna look like this."

"The skin whisperer. It's insane how much of an improvement I see."

"Listening to music with a cool breeze, planting seeds, this experience has made me more peaceful, graceful, & grateful."
(Madeline Lafontant, Co-Founder)

The Liberator Magazine: Wellness Writer/Producer; Juhi Singh Center of Integrative & Eastern Medicine: Licensed Natural Esthetician; HeyDay Wellness & Skincare: Licensed Esthetician; Christine Valmy Esthetics & Cosmetology: Apprentice.

"Wake up & live from planet earth."
(Brian Hughes Kasoro, Founder)

The Last Generation of Black People: Editor/Writer/Publisher; The Liberator Magazine: Editor/Writer/Publisher/Producer; Africana Study Abroad Alliance: Founder/Director; Institute for Urban & Minority Education: Research Assistant; Student Press Initiative: Zankel Urban Fellow; Live From Planet Earth Podcast - Where Is My Black Messiah?: Executive Producer; Rest In Beats: Project Manager; Already Famous/Airwalk: Project Manager; The Societies of Fine Art & Collections/FiveMyles: Curator; Live From Planet Earth Festivals (D.C., Brooklyn #1-16, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Dakar): Planner/Organizer; Mermaids & Merwomen in Black Folklore/Fiber Arts (Charleston): Sponsor; The African American Art Collective/Salt Space (NY): Sponsor; Afro:Baile! (Pheonix): Sponsor; Twin Cities Community Forum: Planner/Organizer/Sponsor; Balance Grasshopper: Web Developer; Sprenger & Lang: Civil Rights Class Action Legal Assistant.

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... Cultivare, cultiva terra, arable land, colere, colō; worship, protect, cultivate. As a regular gift to our $2400+/biennium members, Live From Planet Earth extends a special unlimited invitation to our family's homestead/farm/estate in Jamaica. Sign-up by clicking your membership contribution amount below. Live From Planet Earth is a hands-on, cooperative meditation — on self-sustaining, tropical, organic human being and development — rooting and producing through your generous, reparative, faithful contributions. Please support by helping us fill this measure little by little, slowly but surely: Biennial ($2400); Monthly ($5), ($10), ($25), ($30), ($40), ($60), ($70), ($80), ($90), ($130), ($200), ($300), ($500), ($1000).