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𓆃 study: "The captivating life story of the late Princess Seble Desta of Ethiopia, granddaughter of Emperor Haile Selassie"

𓆃 permaculture: "I (Basically) Stopped Weeding Because of This Game-Changing Gardening Method: Why Everyone Should Try ‘No Dig’ Gardening"


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𓆃 study: "Transcript of Chair Powell's Press Conference May 3, 2023 (PDF)"

𓆃 study: "Gilgamesh: Rabbit/Hole S01E07"

𓆃 study: "The Nutrient Content of Moringa oleifera Leaves"

𓆃 study: "The Day Haile Selassie Visited Jamaica (PDF)"

𓆃 study: "Ras Tafari speech on Peace"

𓆃 study: "The King of Kings Haile Selassie I speaks more on Peace"

𓆃 study: "The King of Kings Emperor Haile Selassie I speaks on Religion"

𓆃 study: "Ras Tafari speech on Education"

𓆃 study: "Haile Selassie I on the Economic Development in Ethiopia"

𓆃 study: "The King of Kings Emperor Haile Selassie I speaks on Development"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Everton Blender - Coming Harder"

𓆃 study: "Ras Ivi & The Family Of Rastafari - Ark Of The Covenant Nyahbinghi"

𓆃 study: "The Kyrie Irving Tapes - Ethiopia Israel Africa - Rastafari World Word Sound & Power"

𓆃 study: "Kachiman story"

𓆃 study: "Inside Taiwan’s ‘Sacred Mountain’ of Chip-Making"

𓆃 study: "Wheat & chessboard problem"

𓆃 study: "Soul Food That’s Good for the Soul"

𓆃 study: "Large language models also work for protein structures"

𓆃 study: "What is LDI? Liability-Driven Investment strategy explained"

𓆃 study: "A Minnesota agency was supposed to limit nitrates a decade ago. Officials say they can't"

𓆃 study: "Monetary policy decisions"

𓆃 study: "Paul Krugman says Silicon Valley Bank 'was a kind of affinity fraud a la Madoff' because it sold itself on false pretenses"

𓆃 study: "No exit ramp for Fed's Powell until he creates a recession, economist says"

𓆃 study: "How fake sugars sneak into foods & disrupt metabolic health"

𓆃 study: "All Roads Lead to Malcolm: Godfather of Harlem S03E07"

𓆃 mergers: "Getting Candid with Cashe' Interview on Polygyny"

𓆃 study: "Charleston’s International African American Museum Has Announced Its Opening in June, After More Than Two Decades of Planning"

𓆃 study: "How A Super-Cheap, Super-Volatile New Options Strategy Has Emerged To Help The Pros Cream The Little Guys"

𓆃 study: "Black Is the New White by Paul Mooney (#CommissionsEarned)"

𓆃 study: "Nothing Lasts Forever by Jason Kohn (#CommissionsEarned)"

𓆃 study: "Coming Down to Earth - Instead of looking up to the heavens for holiness, what if instead we looked to the earth beneath our feet?"

𓆃 mergers: "Polygamy: Extended Family Reaction (Pt. 1)"

𓆃 study: "The Best Way to Increase Your Income"

𓆃 study: "What Makes Economies Strong?"

𓆃 study: "Buy Nothing is everything"

𓆃 study: "AP African-American Studies Official Course Framework, Project, & Exam Overview"

𓆃 study: "Ghana’s domestic debt restructuring has stalled: four reasons why"

𓆃 study: "Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) Q4 2022 Earnings Call Transcript"

𓆃 study: "Africa needs to learn to feed itself, says Senegal president"

𓆃 study: "Ifa Oracle: The 16 Odu Ifa & Their Meaning"

𓆃 study: "Kelly Evans: Aha! The Fed (sort of) admits it caused inflation"

𓆃 study: "People Will Tune Into Their Local Broadcasts Before They Tune Into a National Broadcast"

𓆃 study: "Little-Known Surveillance Program Captures Money Transfers Between US & More Than 20 Countries"

𓆃 study: "China scraps fines, will let families have as many children as they'd like"

𓆃 study: "How To Use Fibonacci Levels for Trading Profits"

𓆃 healing/permaculture: "Aloe Vera Gardening ("

𓆃 mergers/study: "Polygamy from a Village Perspective w/ Dr. Susan Tatah"

𓆃 study: "Cramer explains why consumers' spending power needs to weaken for the Fed to beat inflation"

𓆃 healing/permaculture: "Rosemary Garden Harvest 🌿 ("

𓆃 healing/permaculture: "Biweekly Kale Harvest ("

𓆃 healing/permaculture: "Greens January Harvest ("

𓆃 healing/permaculture: "Hibiscus Sangria 🌺 ("

𓆃 study: "Why is Kenya's new digital payments platform so glitchy? (eCitizen platform lacks critical features of an efficient government e-service portal)"

𓆃 healing/permaculture: "Varieties (Kale) ("

𓆃 healing/permaculture: "All My Girls Do Aloe ("

𓆃 healing/permaculture: "Aloe Special ("

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𓆃 healing/permaculture: "Kale Party ("

𓆃 healing/permaculture: "Here Comes The Sunflowers ("

𓆃 healing/permaculture: "Big Kale ("

𓆃 study: "The Signifying Monkey: A Theory of African American Literary Criticism by Henry Louis Gates (#CommissionsEarned)"

𓆃 healing: "Bonfire/Good Wood ("

𓆃 permaculture: "Nature Walk ("

𓆃 healing: "Natural Meditation ("

𓆃 study: "Upon Further Review: That ‘Hot’ Labor Market Is Really ‘Ice Cold’"

𓆃 study: "‘I want to meet someone rich. Is that so wrong?’ I’m 46, earn $210,000, & own a $700,000 home. I’m tired of dating ‘losers.’"

𓆃 study: "The Jewish Economy explained"

𓆃 study: "The world’s top stock strategist says an ‘earnings recession’ is coming for markets—& it could be similar to what happened during the 2008 financial crisis"

𓆃 study: "Economist who pioneered use of closely followed recession tool says it may be sending false signal"

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𓆃 study: "Federal Reserve Board Press Releases"

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𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Nancy Wilson - You're As Right As Rain (#CommissionsEarned)"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Maleek Berry - Free Your Mind (#CommissionsEarned)" {YouTube}

𓆃 study: "Workers who tested 4-day workweek say they’ll never return to 5 days—or only with a huge pay bump"

𓆃 study: "Ron Insana says Fed rate hikes won’t fix what’s wrong with the economy"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Burna Boy - Alone (#CommissionsEarned)" {YouTube}

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Mr. Eazi – Keys To The Kingdom f. Tiwa Savage (#CommissionsEarned)"

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𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Jay-Z - Blue’s Freestyle"

𓆃 permaculture: "How To Produce 500 Plantain/Banana Suckers From One Parent Sucker Within 8 Months"

𓆃 study: "Increasing interest rates to fight inflation would bring lots of pain but little gain"

𓆃 study: "Jack Dorsey’s Block backs Kenyan bitcoin mining company that wants to bring 25-cent electricity to rural Africa"

𓆃 study: "Microsoft invested $1 billion in an AI system that helped me write this column. See what it had to say about Tesla"

𓆃 study: "Center for U.S. Voters Abroad"

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𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Foudeqush & Ludwig GΓΆransson - Con La Brisa"

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𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "The Carters (Beyonce & Jay-Z) - Nice f. Pharrell (#CommissionsEarned)"

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𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Miraa May - Benji (#CommissionsEarned)" {YouTube}

𓆃 healing: "Do Native Americans (Navajo) Worship Mother Earth?"

𓆃 study: "Ghana to swap domestic debt in fight to regain economic stability"

𓆃 study: "4 Advisors on Their Top Bond Buys Now"

𓆃 study: "Meet the warrior librarians of Ukraine"

𓆃 study: "Apple Makes Plans to Move Production Out of China"

𓆃 study: "Jobs Report Shows No Fed Impact"

𓆃 study: "Fed Will Raise Rates Until Labor Market Cracks"

𓆃 study: "Discover International property for sale & rent"

𓆃 study: "Idiocracy by Mike Judge, Etan Cohen (#CommissionsEarned)"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Cleo Sol - When I'm in Your Arms (#CommissionsEarned)" {YouTube}

𓆃 study: "Treasury-bill market’s march toward 5% gets interrupted by Fed’s Powell"

𓆃 study: "Religious Syncretism"

𓆃 study: "Minneapolis to pay $50,000 each to 12 injured by police during Floyd protests"

𓆃 study: "Ghana plans to buy oil with gold instead of U.S. dollars"

𓆃 study: "Rabbi Harry Rozenberg: Lost Tribes, Black Israelites, & Psychedelic Healing"

𓆃 study: "New video shows US tourist Shanquella Robinson with pals before mysterious death at Mexico resort"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Popcaan - So Cold f. Bella Shmurda"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Dinner Party - Sleepless Nights f. Phoelix"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Jay-Z - Young Forever f. Mr Hudson"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "The Commodores - Nightshift"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "J. Cole - January 28th (#CommissionsEarned)"

𓆃 permaculture: "On Adaptive Homeostasis: 12 Adaptogenic Herbs For Stress & Change ("

𓆃 study: "Jeff Bezos says 'it's really hard' to give away money, while MacKenzie Scott announces $2 billion in donations"

𓆃 study: "Walker's campaign tells Republicans to stop 'deceptive fundraising' in Georgia runoff"

𓆃 study: "Reviled in Puerto Rico, sent to prison for corruption. Can this Philly native remake herself?"

𓆃 study: "How Economists Know Whether Inflation Is Getting Better"

𓆃 study: "How Chadwick Boseman’s Family Reacted To Black Panther: Wakanda Forever"

𓆃 study: "Tesla Finds a Workaround for State Laws: Dealerships on Tribal Lands"

𓆃 study: "Faith & Religion Among Black Americans"

𓆃 study: "This Is Your Mind on Plants by Michael Pollan (#CommissionsEarned)"

𓆃 study: "The Handbook of Yoruba Religious Concepts by Baba Ifa Karade (#CommissionsEarned)"

𓆃 study: "Charting the Course: 3 Ways to Track the Yield Curve"

𓆃 study: "For EE bonds you buy now, we guarantee that the bond will double in value in 20 years, even if we have to add money at 20 years to make that happen"

𓆃 study: "2020 Vision Talk: Ye aka Kanye, Hip Hop as a Culture, & Nation Building, w/ KRS-One & Blue Pill"

𓆃 opinion: "Ye's (Formally Known as Kanye West) Best Friend & Most Trusted News Source, Candace Owens, is a Romantic Mascot for the Republican Party, as Barack Obama is a Romantic Mascot for the Democratic Party, as Black Lives Matter is a Mascot for Theatrical Protest-Marketing Fundraising Parties. Political & Protest Parties Are All Manipulation Machines That Occasionally Adopt Values Which Align With Ours, But a Mascot is a Marketing Slave & Those Who Trust Them Are the Slaves of Marketing Slaves. Both Are Owned By the Party. In Contrast, Educating Yourself is Liberation From Institutional Thinking, Schools of Thought, Parties, Mascots, & Mental Slavery. In the Age of Distraction & Captive Audiences, Studying Ontologies & Political Sciences Empathetically is the Only Path to Maturity, Clarity, Peace of Mind, Responsibility, & Concise Focus."

𓆃 healing: "7 Steps to Mindful Skincare ("

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𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Burna Boy - It's Plenty"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Burna Boy - Rock Your Body"

𓆃 study: "About U.S. Savings Bonds"

𓆃 study: "The Origin & Objects of Ancient Freemasonry: Its Introduction into the United States & Legitimacy Among Colored Men by Martin R. Delany (#CommissionsEarned)"

𓆃 study: "Kanye West: Media's promotion of obesity is demonic"

𓆃 africana study abroad alliance: "Podcast: Oyotunji African Village"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Protoje - Ten Cane Row f. Jorja Smith"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "JhenΓ© Aiko - Summer 2020"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Found in Translation / Les Nubians' Princesses Nubiennes"

𓆃 study: "Brian Hughes Kasoro's Editor's Note to The Last Generation of Black People / Now That 'Black Lives Matter' Is Walking Dead, Remember Once Again What Dr. John Henrik Clarke said: 'A people's name should link them to land, history, & culture. 'Black' tells you how you look, but not who you are' ("

𓆃 study: "Cry me a river: How gold polluted Nigeria’s sacred Osun river"

𓆃 healing/study: "Haitian Vodou: An Introduction to Haiti's Indigenous Spiritual Tradition by Mambo Chita Tann (#CommissionsEarned)"

𓆃 study: "Activists accuse BLM leader Shalomyah Bowers of stealing $10 million: lawsuit"

𓆃 study: "Kanye West Says Adidas Offered $1 Billion Buyout From Yeezy Venture"

𓆃 study: "President Biden's monthly benefit from Social Security is considerably higher than the average retired worker"

𓆃 study: "Whatever happened to the Kenyan farmer who turned a dump into a garden of giveaways?"

𓆃 study: "Nigeria becomes first country to ban white models in advertisements"

𓆃 opinion: "Any Non-Artist Public Speaker, Writer, or Teacher Who's Also on Twitter or YouTube But Is Not Encouraging You Towards (or Demonstrating) Plant-Based Farming With Every Word They Share Is Distracting You & Sabotaging Your Future; Ignore Their Rhetoric of False Hope & Invest In Arable Land Now."

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Sunday Service Choir - Never Would Have Made It (Teyana Taylor Remix)"

𓆃 healing: "Yoga For Those with Physical Limitations"

𓆃 permaculture: "Hibiscus/Sorrel Tea ("

𓆃 permaculture: "Jackfruit Tacos ("

𓆃 healing/study: "Walking the Red Road – How Cultural Education Has Encouraged a Culture of Educating"

𓆃 healing: "Fresh Start 10 Minute Morning Bed Meditation & 5 Minute Light Movement"

𓆃 healing/study: "Boveda: Gateway to your Spirit Guides"

𓆃 healing/study: "Anatomy of a Spiritual Altar (La Boveda Espiritual)"

𓆃 healing/study: "The Boveda: Creating a Portal between Worlds"

𓆃 opinion: "Ujamaa Means Familyhood or Extended Family. African American-Created Kwanzaa Translated This to Cooperative Economics, But That Does Not Capture the Intimate Familial Nature of the Spirit of the Word; & Spirit's the Key to Collective African Development, Resistence, & Identity. Without African Spirit, History Teaches Black People to Expect What We Recently Saw When the African People's Socialist Party Came Under Fire for Allegedly Collaborating With Russia, & When Julius Nyerere Fell Into the Communism Trap Cedric Robinson's Book Black Marxism (Black Irony At Its Best) Would Later Teach Us About In Detail; African Ideas, Rituals, Relics, & Traditions of Remembering Always Get Obscured & Crippled By Marrying Them Off to White Ideologies & Politics (See: Realities We Otherwise Would Never Know / The Art of Relating Beyond Ideology)."

𓆃 mergers: "Review: Women of Principle: Female Networking in Contemporary Mormon Polygyny by Janet Bennion"

𓆃 study: "Reparations: Lineage first step in a long, complex journey"

𓆃 study: "Ron Insana: The Fed may have retired 'transitory' too soon to describe inflation"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Protoje - Family f. Jesse Royal"

𓆃 mergers: "Black Women Are Waging War On Femininity"

𓆃 study: "Cannabidiol enhances morphine antinociception, diminishes NMDA-mediated seizures & reduces stroke damage via the sigma 1 receptor"

𓆃 study: "Dr. Toyin Falola talks Decolonizing African Studies"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Minister Messenger - You Got to Have Faith"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Gang Starr - Robbin Hood Theory"

𓆃 study: "Meet a teacher who can't retire because she owes $155,000 in student loans: 'I'll die with that debt'"

𓆃 mergers: "Polygyny & Farm Households' Resilience to Climate Shocks"

𓆃 study: "Hand sanitizers are losing kill power against this germ in hospitals, study finds"

𓆃 study: "Effects of Selected Wound Dressings & Remedies on Planktonic Bacteria & Bacterial Biofilms of Staphylococcus aureus & Pseudomonas aeruginosa"

𓆃 study: "How 'woke' went from black activist watchword to teen internet slang"

𓆃 study: "Is Warner Bros.’ Batgirl cancellation the best thing to happen to the DCEU?"

𓆃 study: "Tourist Travel Bloggers Are Liars"

𓆃 study: "Why Are Black Conservatives Still Democrats?"

𓆃 study: "VR is as good as psychedelics at helping people reach transcendence"

𓆃 mergers: "Ghana joins Caribbean in reparation demands"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Kendrick Lamar - Die Hard f. Blxst & Amanda Reifer"

𓆃 study: "Why Don’t Health Insurers Encourage Healthier Eating?"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Simi - Easy f. Deja"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Joey Bada$$ - Show Me"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Sade - I Couldn't Love You More G.S.B. Remix"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Tarrus Riley - Love Salute"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Ravyn Lenae - Skin Tight f. Steve Lacy"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Ravyn Lenae - Where I'm From f. Mereba"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "FKJ - Greener f. Santana"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Daniel Caesar - Cyanide Remix f. Koffee"

𓆃 study: "Vatican: Moment is Ripe for Serious Consideration of the Harms of the Transatlantic Slave Trade"

𓆃 study: "A Growing Number of Religious Groups Are Developing Reparations Programs for Black Americans"

𓆃 study: "Black Farmers in Arkansas Still Seek Justice a Century After the Elaine Massacre"

𓆃 study: "Martin Luther King’s ’63 & ’67 Minnesota visits are a study in contrasts"

𓆃 study: "An Ohio man quit his job as a teacher after six years to work at a Walmart because it pays $12,000 more per year"

𓆃 study: "Dem House candidate backed by BLM for $100,000 admits to wire fraud scheme over gambling"

𓆃 study: "Scientists establish link between religious fundamentalism & brain damage"

𓆃 study: "How Lyme Disease Became Unstoppable"

𓆃 study: "Producer Metro Boomin Pays Off Home For Family of Buffalo Shooting Hero"

𓆃 study: "POV S35E02: Manzanar, Diverted: When Water Becomes Dust"

𓆃 study: "Meet the Lobbyist Next Door"

𓆃 mergers: "There's No Such Thing As A Valuable Black Woman"

𓆃 study: "As Big Pharma Loses Interest in New Antibiotics, Infections Are Only Growing Stronger"

𓆃 study: "How the right waged a 100-year war to conquer America — & why it's winning"

𓆃 study: "The World Economy Is Imperiled by a Force Hiding in Plain Sight"

𓆃 study: "The End of Western Civilization – Why It Lacks Resilience, & What Will Take Its Place"

𓆃 study: "Leisure is a necessity, not a luxury"

𓆃 study: "Trump supporter vandalized his own home — & blamed Biden"

𓆃 study: "Why We Accepted a Thousand Acres of Land Back From New York State"

𓆃 study: "How Marketers Manipulate You Without Your Knowing"

𓆃 mergers: "Brittany Renner Teaches Black Women About Submission"

𓆃 study: "Little Girl Blue"

𓆃 study: "Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler (#CommissionsEarned)"

𓆃 study: "Parable of the Talents by Octavia Butler (#CommissionsEarned)"

𓆃 study: "Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison (#CommissionsEarned)"

𓆃 study: "Ukraine: The teachers swapping classrooms for trenches"

𓆃 study: "How Joe Biden is like America's founding fathers"

𓆃 study: "Wheat: The Countries Most Dependent On Russia & Ukraine"

𓆃 study: "Higgs Boson: The Cosmic Glyph"

𓆃 study: "Insana: Snuffing out inflation filled with risk of unintended consequences"

𓆃 study: "Supreme Court ends on a low note: Why we should now be more frightened for their next term"

𓆃 study: "Booker Leads Colleagues in Urging President Biden to Establish a Presidential Commission to Study Reparations"

𓆃 study: "A New Kind of Drug"

𓆃 study: "After Stock Market’s Worst Start in 50 Years, Some See More Pain Ahead"

𓆃 permaculture: "A conversation with Carly Griffith Hotvedt about the Native Farm Bill, traditional Indigenous knowledge, & environmental conservation"

𓆃 study: "Octavia Butler ("

𓆃 mergers: "Never Do This When A Desirable Man Shows You He’s Interested / Hold On To Him & Don’t Drop The Ball"

𓆃 opinion: "College Students Have Become Clients of Teachers & Demand Teachers Serve As Their Economic Advocates, Because Teachers Thought Being a Student of Theirs Was a Privilege Without Demonstrating Its Value."

𓆃 study: "Malidoma Patrice SomΓ© / Messenger to a Lost Generation ("

𓆃 mergers: "Interviewing My Co-wife: Uncovering The Truth (Pt. 1)"

𓆃 study: "The Flow: Stephanie Joy ("

𓆃 africana study abroad alliance: "Interview with Old Dangme Woman on Dipo Womanhood Initiation Rite"

𓆃 study: "Replacement Theory Is Everywhere. Here’s Why"

𓆃 study: "Most Western evolutionary trees could be wrong"

𓆃 study: "Minority rules, children die: Broken political systems have lethal consequences"

𓆃 study: "Donald Trump, criminal mastermind: Scholar Gregg Barak on the supreme con artist of our time"

𓆃 study: "Is Biden Back to $10,000 per Borrower? NAACP says not enough"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Davido - Stand Strong f. Sunday Service Choir"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Sunday Service Choir - Easy On Me (Yemix)"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Burna Boy - 23"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Mike Will Made-It - The Mantra f. Pharrell, Kendrick Lamar"

𓆃 study: "In the Senate, Chasing an Ever-Elusive Gun Law Deal"

𓆃 study: "It’s time to shed our misconceptions about chicken intelligence"

𓆃 opinion: "People Said Defund The Police Because They Saw Neighborhood Law Enforcement Getting Richer Than Them Without Feeling Any Safer."

𓆃 opinion: "If You're From The Hood & Want To Change Life For The Better You Should Say Less & Run For Legislative Office Or Volunteer For Someone Who Is."

𓆃 study: "What Drives Suicidal Mass Killers"

𓆃 study: "Who Owns 4chan?"

𓆃 study: "Gun in Texas Shooting Came From Company Known for Pushing Boundaries"

𓆃 study: "Debate Over Guns Unfolds in Uvalde, a Rural Texas Town in Grief"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Protoje - Incient Stepping"

𓆃 opinion: "White Supremacy Is Mental Illness."

𓆃 mergers: "Black American Ventriloquist Turned African Queen Angelique-Monet performs for Children in Nigeria"

𓆃 mergers: "Black Mother Talks Polygyny with Son"

𓆃 study: "Final Farewells Buffalo Shooting Victims, LA Maternal Death Rates, Macy's Targets Divine 9 Sororities"

𓆃 study: "Chigozie Onyema & Joshua Myers on Cedric Robinson, Black Radical Tradition"

𓆃 study: "Hugh Jackman plays singing janitor in The Simpsons' Poorhouse Rock (S33E22) musical about the decline of the middle-class"

𓆃 study: "Invade Haiti, Wall Street Urged. The U.S. Obliged"

𓆃 study: "How a French Bank Captured Haiti"

𓆃 study: "Kelly Evans: Is Powell a Volcker, a Martin, or a Burns?"

𓆃 mergers: "The Marathon Cultivation Documentary"

𓆃 study: "BLMNF Speaks To Roland Martin / Dr. Greg Carr Says BLM Can't Disrupt Philanthropy The Tail Is Wagging The Dog"

𓆃 mergers: "One BIG Poly Family?"

𓆃 study: "Camp Kupugani on CBS News Chicago"

𓆃 study: "Camp Atwater in Springfield, Massachusetts"

𓆃 study: "Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors claims her mistakes with $90M in 'white guilt money' are being weaponized against her"

𓆃 study: "Patrisse Cullors Gave BLM Money To Her Baby Daddy"

𓆃 study: "Stop Black Community Mistreatment: Misappropriation of Funds Petition Against BLM Org"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Amber Mark - Cosmic (Live)"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "BeyoncΓ© - Water f. Salatiel, Pharrell Williams"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "BeyoncΓ© - My Power"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Orion Sun - Concrete"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Patoranking - Celebrate Me"

𓆃 study: "We Own This City (2022) on HBO"

𓆃 study: "In The City But Not Of The City: Attorneys, family of Ruth Whitfield speak on mass shooting"

𓆃 study: "List of proposed amendments to the United States Constitution"

𓆃 study: "Before the Massacre, Erratic Behavior & a Chilling Threat"

𓆃 mergers: "How Australian Trust Saved Thousands of Lives While Covid Killed a Million Americans"

𓆃 fact: "More than half (56%) of mass shooters exhibited at least one dangerous warning sign prior to the shooting"

𓆃 fact: "In the United States, hate speech is protected by the First Amendment"

𓆃 mergers: "Bigger Than Africa (2018) on Netflix"

𓆃 mergers: "Roland Martin Sits Down With Liberian President George Weah"

𓆃 study: "How Economic Sanctions Shaped Today’s Global Powers"

𓆃 study: "Computer powered by colony of blue-green algae has run for six months"

𓆃 study: "So You Want to Reduce Crime? What kinds of investments have been proven to lower crime rates?"

𓆃 study: "Minneapolis Teacher Strike Lasted 3 Weeks. The Fallout Will Be Felt for Years"

𓆃 study: "How Black Female Leadership Destroys The Black Community"

𓆃 study: "Candace Owens Pulls Up On Patrisse Cullors"

𓆃 study: "Meet the Head of Biden’s New Disinformation Governing Board"

𓆃 study: "Just Say No To Content"

𓆃 study: "Black Women Rejoice At The Passing Of Kevin Samuels"

𓆃 study: "Plastic-Eating Enzyme Could Supercharge Recycling & Eliminate Billions of Tons of Landfill Waste"

𓆃 study: "Ron Insana says the Fed is defying logic by trying to create a recession"

𓆃 study: "This Native Hawaiian Woman Is Urging People To Stop Visiting Hawai'i — Here's Why"

𓆃 study: "They tried to steal this American's citizenship. He fought back & won"

𓆃 study: "Europe’s Quest to Replace Russian Gas Faces Plenty of Hurdles"

𓆃 mergers: "Kevin Samuels & the Impact of Decision Making"

𓆃 public domain/study/healing: "The Tao Te Ching"

𓆃 study: "Biden eyes long-awaited student debt relief starting at $10,000 per borrower"

𓆃 study/permaculture: "Fruits & vegetables are less nutritious than they used to be"

𓆃 study/permaculture: "In arid W.African sahel, farmers who allowed 200 million cut trees to regrow in their fields have seen crop yields soar"

𓆃 study: "Biden tells Congressional Hispanic Caucus he's looking at forgiving some federal student loan debt"

𓆃 study: "Fears mount inside White House that Manchin won’t agree to any deal"

𓆃 mergers: "Kenya Airways/JetBlue launch automatic check-in for Minnesota connections to daily New York-Nairobi nonstop flights"

𓆃 mergers: "Official responds to Popcaan: Flights from Ja to Ghana possible"

𓆃 study: "Great sign or very unfortunate? Black Lives Matter supporters split over $6M mansion purchase"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Protoje - HILLS"

𓆃 opinion: "Healthy relationships are not sport, there are no opponents, there is no score."

𓆃 study/permaculture: "Discover Permaculture with Geoff Lawton YouTube"

𓆃 study/permaculture: "Charles Dowding YouTube"

𓆃 study/permaculture: "Aanandaa Permaculture Farm YouTube"

𓆃 healing: "Somatic Therapy Q&A with Nicolette Gibson"

𓆃 healing: "Queen Afua Celebrates Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, & Spirit"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Stevie Wonder - If It's Magic"

𓆃 study: "Lisa Price & Latham Thomas Discuss Black Maternal Health, Preserving Black Life + More"

𓆃 study: "Time might not exist, according to physicists & philosophers, but that's okay"

𓆃 mergers: "Outstanding Personal Relationships Discusses Polygyny On British Muslim TV Live"

𓆃 opinion: "The $6 Million BLM Activist Mansion/Social Media Influencer Safe House Will Go Down In History As Most Foolish, Because Why Not Purchase a Farm Or Land Located Adjacent to Wild Space in Nature, Perhaps Even An Apartment Building, Instead of a 'Keeping Up With' Urban Box With a Pool, Down the Street From Universal Studios? The Moral Highground Is Lost & This Master of Ceremonies-turned-Rap Mogul Aesthetic Won't Foster Humane Municipal Budgets, But Rather It Will Encourage More Cutthroat Alientated Black Capitalism & Associated Contradictions. Afeni Shakur Taught Us Better About Preserving The Best of The Panthers & Not Emulating Their Worst Vain Mistakes. By MLK Standards, The Young Women Responsible For This Imitation Game Are Mobilizers, Not Organizers."

𓆃 study: "Black Lives Matter Leaders Defend Decision To Buy $6M Home"

𓆃 opinion: "The African Union & Caribbean Community Contribute to Their Own Lack of Development By Neglecting African-American Migrants, Thereby Forfeiting Leadership Potential, in a Global Visa & Dual Residency/Citizenship Regime Sorely Lacking Confrontation, to Competitive Non-/Minority- Black, Blackness/Indigeneity Recruiters Such As Florida, California, Puerto Rico, & Hawaii. The Remedy to This Modern African-Descended Human Underdevelopment & Exploitation Trade Is Liberal Preemptiveness In Critical Immigration Theory & Realpolitik, Rooted In Critical Study of Classical African Spiritual Reciprocity-Based Civilizations & Diplomacy Developments; Social & Cultural Advanced Techniques of Ancient Mergers & Acquisitions, Alongside Recent Postmodern Attempts."

𓆃 study: "A Transformative Justice Whose Impact May Be Limited"

𓆃 mergers: "If Only Will Smith Was A Polygynist: How Monogamy Affected His Marriage"

𓆃 mergers: "Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson (Who is Us?)"

𓆃 study: "Uranium Is Widespread in U.S. Drinking Water, Study Finds"

𓆃 study: "The Vibe: A HopeStead Community"

𓆃 study: "New Documentary Examines the Shady Ethics of Classic Indie Film Kids"

𓆃 study: "Try your hand at Quantum Go Fish"

𓆃 study: "Right pyramids with a regular base"

𓆃 healing/permaculture/study: "8th All Africa Advance Permaculture Design Course"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "What's Your Story, Morning Glory - Percy Hughes Orchestra; Webster; Williams"

𓆃 study: "Percy Hughes: Saxophonist & Bandleader"

𓆃 study: "Big Battle of Music featured Prince's dad's orchestra going head-to-head with another jazz scene staple, Percy Hughes, at the Elk's Club in November 1947"

𓆃 study: "DJ Omari Olaingoni Omari"

𓆃 opinion: "The Most Potent Way I've Been Betrayed: Deficit of Professional Acknowledgement & Support. My Most Intimate Enemies: Bourgeoisie Ratchetness, Narcissist Internet Influencers, Reactionary Reformists, Infertile Safe Spaces/Cages, African Descendants Who Don't Desire to Grow Food Outdoors, Ignorance Regarding Inverse Relationships Between (Permaculture/Wild Spaces) & (Slash Burn/Urban Sprawl)."

𓆃 study: "Why Did Black Lives Matter Buy A $6 Million LA Home?"

𓆃 study: "BLM Bought A Mansion For $6M With YOUR Donation Money"

𓆃 mergers: "Wife Reveals The Solution To Every Black Woman’s Worse Nightmare"

𓆃 mergers: "A deeper look into Jada & Will Smith"

𓆃 mergers: "After listening to Kevin Samuels I have a message to my young kings"

𓆃 mergers: "Opportunities & burdens DR Congo brings to EAC table"

𓆃 mergers: "DRC Entry into EAC a Game Changer"

𓆃 mergers: "DR Congo joins East Africa trade bloc"

𓆃 mergers: "The Democratic Republic of Congo becomes the biggest country in East Africa’s trading bloc"

𓆃 mergers: "DRC Joins EAC Regional Bloc to Facilitate Trade"

𓆃 mergers: "Games People Play in Polygyny"

𓆃 study: "Jon Batiste Austin City Limits Interview"

𓆃 study: "IARC: Processed Meat Like Bacon Causes Cancer"

𓆃 study: "The Effects of Processed Meat on Lung Function"

𓆃 study: "How feminism became capitalism's handmaiden"

𓆃 study: "Ivermectin Does Not Reduce Risk of Covid Hospitalization, Large Study Finds"

𓆃 study: "How African Indigenous knowledge helped shape modern medicine"

𓆃 study: "Researchers discover source of super-fast electron rain"

𓆃 study: "Implantable immunotherapy 'factory' fights cancer faster, more effectively"

𓆃 study: "Embrace a value-based approach to agile marketing leadership"

𓆃 study: "Survey: Alarming Number of Educators May Soon Leave the Profession"

𓆃 study: "We're moving on: Jamaica PM tells British royals the country wants to remove the queen as its head of state"

𓆃 study: "Belize Locals Say No Thank You to a Visit From Will & Kate"

𓆃 study: "Wax-coated sand keeps soil wet longer, improves crop yields in arid regions"

𓆃 study: "Moon Phase & Astronomy Calendar"

𓆃 study: "U.S. banks will keep a toe in Russia despite wind-downs"

𓆃 study: "Bold Money by Melvin Van Peebles (#CommissionsEarned)"

𓆃 study: "Kelly Evans: The Covid spike no one's talking about"

𓆃 study: "China Sees at Least One Winner Emerging From Ukraine War: China"

𓆃 permaculture: "Otaheite Jamaican Apple Harvest ("

𓆃 permaculture: "Turnip Harvest ("

𓆃 permaculture/healing: "healing, magic & master gardeners / george washington carver & osayin ("

𓆃 permaculture: "agriculture's necessity in liberation / i thought of land people live on, develop & make profitable but do not own... contemporary serfs, forced off when beneficial for proverbial landlords ("

𓆃 permaculture: "maintaining lettuce & cabbage transplants / i have seen them from seed to germination to their new home ("

𓆃 healing/study: "Harriet Tubman: Botanist, Wildlife Biologist, Geographer & Astronomer"

𓆃 healing/study: "The 6 best brain foods most people aren't eating enough of"

𓆃 healing/permaculture/study: "The human brain would rather look at nature"

𓆃 study: "Kelly Evans: It’s not the supply chain, it’s the labor market"

𓆃 study: "New class of killer T cells may prevent autoimmune diseases"

𓆃 study: "Congresswoman Cori Bush On Journey From Activism To Politics, Calling Out Dems, Police Reform + More"

𓆃 study: "Philadelphia is updating its mandated African American history course"

𓆃 study: "Who Should Get Reparations in California?"

𓆃 study: "Kanye West - The Future Brunch: Controlling Our Narratives (Black Future Month)"

𓆃 study: "Treasury Department assures Wall Street it can still trade Russian oil & gas"

𓆃 study: "U.S. Officials Travel to Venezuela, a Russia Ally, as the West Isolates Putin"

𓆃 healing: "Offering Food for Thich Nhat Hanh at his Altar"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Kehlani - Altar"

𓆃 study: "The Black Lives Matter movement, but not COVID-19, encouraged surveyed voters toward Biden in the 2020 election"

𓆃 permaculture/study: "Earthworms have the potential to replace use of synthetic fertilisers"

𓆃 study: "I Was Paying Off School Loans While I Was the Secretary of Education Under Obama: Here's Why Biden Needs to Cancel Student Debt"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Kanye West & Sunday Service Choir - Can't Tell Us Nothing"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Kanye West & Sunday Service Choir - Never Would Have Made It (Teyana Taylor Remix)"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Kanye West - Up From The Ashes (Extended 1 Hour Loop)"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Nas - Nobody f. Ms. Lauryn Hill (Extended 1 Hour Loop)"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Kanye West Sunday Service Choir - Jesus Is Born"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Live From Planet Earth Volume 1 ("

𓆃 study: "Historically Speaking: Black Banks, A Great Moral & Social Force"

𓆃 study: "Kevin Cohee On Black Ownership, One United Bank, Equity vs Equality + More"

𓆃 mother language day: "Nigerian board game Yooba Lingo by Aremu Anuoluwapo aims to help preserve traditional Yoruba language"

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𓆃 study: "Clarence Jones, MLK's attorney, discusses his life & legacy"

𓆃 permaculture/study: "Songhai / Sustainability in Benin ("

𓆃 study: "Revisiting United States History / Dr. Gerald Horne Lecture at Brecht Forum ("

𓆃 study: "Beyond the Dream: Martin Luther King Jr. / Dr. John Henrik Clarke ("

𓆃 study: "The World War Against African History Since 1968 / John H. Clarke ("

𓆃 study: "Masauko Chipembere on The Liberator Magazine ("

𓆃 permaculture: "Fields of Kale in Jamaica ("

𓆃 permaculture/study: "Bali hospitality workers turn to farming & fishing"

𓆃 study: "Insana: A draconian approach to Fed policy could be worse than the ills plaguing the economy"

𓆃 permaculture: "Teach Someone to Fish ("

𓆃 study: "Manuel & Geiszel Godoy Speak On Ancient Black Culture, Black Comics, Shark Tank + More"

𓆃 study: "On Pan-African Agriculture & Industry For My Daughter: Great-Great Grandpa James (Big Jim) A. Godette's Letters From Jail to James Weldon Johnson ("

𓆃 healing/study: "Why Are Men Intimidated By Women Like Me?"

𓆃 healing/study: "Dr. K. Kia Bunseki Fu-Kiau / The Ancestors & Our Connection to Them: The Real Power of Being ("

𓆃 healing/study: "The African Idea of God: The All & All / Two Speeches by Dr. John G. Jackson ("

𓆃 healing/study: "The Slept-On Speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King Mixed Over Timeless, Meditative Hip-Hop Production ("

𓆃 healing/study: "Teacher Education From An African Perspective / Asa G. Hilliard ("

𓆃 healing/study: "The Healing of Γ²sΓ‘nyΓ¬n / Learning Our Herbs to Extract the Healing Properties of Plants For Our Benefit ("

𓆃 healing/study: "Anansi Stories From West Africa to Jamaica / Folklore Is Fertile Ground For the Transmission of Knowledge Across Space, Time & Generations ("

𓆃 study: "Huey Newton's Doctoral Dissertation ("

𓆃 study: "Ecuador supreme court upholds Indigenous rights against mining, oil projects"

𓆃 study: "Covid fatigue is making the pandemic worse — & prolonging its end, experts say"

𓆃 study: "Understanding ADOS: The Movement to Hijack Black Identity & Weaken Black Unity"

𓆃 study: "Queen Mother Audley Moore & the Modern Reparations Movement"

𓆃 study: "Caribbean Matters: Yes, the Caribbean is an important part of Black History Month"

𓆃 opinion: "Most Trolls Are Not Bots, Rather They Are Born & Mis-Raised, Society's Neglected Karma Coming Back to Haunt the Next Generation of Those Who Failed to Relate, & They Need the Touch of Troll-Whisperers, Not Mere Facts."

𓆃 healing/study: "How to Achieve Peace"

𓆃 healing/study: "Anima & animus"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Adekunle Gold - Born Again f. Fatoumata Diawara"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Adekunle Gold - Catch Me If You Can"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Adekunle Gold - Selah"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Adekunle Gold - More Than Enough"

𓆃 healing/study: "5 Ways To Improve Your Breathing with James Nestor"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Bob Marley - Roots 77 Earthstrong Celebration Live"

𓆃 study: "Brazil Shows You Can Harvest Sugar Cane Without Polluting the Air"

𓆃 study: "Reggae & Rastafari in Jamaica with Dr. Jahiani Niaah"

𓆃 study: "MN cops kill Amir Locke; TN Black woman imprisoned for voting; Ronald Greene's mom speaks out; Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green on discoveries in cancer research; Montessori education"

𓆃 opinion: "Social Media & Prostitution Are Unethical Human Markets of Relatively Indiscriminate Activity."

𓆃 study: "Earl Sweatshirt On Fatherhood"

𓆃 study: "Straight Talk with Hank Paulson: Ray Dalio"

𓆃 study: "Why Liking Your Partner Is More Important Than Loving Them"

𓆃 study: "The Myth of Multitasking"

𓆃 study: "Polar bears move into abandoned Arctic weather station – photo essay"

𓆃 study: "The Accompong Maroons"

𓆃 study: "Over 80 lawmakers call on Biden to release memo outlining authority to cancel student debt"

𓆃 healing/study: "This Is How Black Women Lost Their Self Respect"

𓆃 study: "Think GameStop can happen again? Here’s why meme stock mania is over"

𓆃 study: "Hedge fund Senvest posts 85% return in 2021 riding GameStop meme, among Wall Street’s best"

𓆃 study: "Don't borrow for college warns Harvard-trained economist—here's why it's a waste of money & far too risky"

𓆃 healing/study: "The Sacred Woods: A coming-of-age ritual in Ivory Coast"

𓆃 permaculture: "Tamarind"

𓆃 permaculture: "Building Resilience & Livelihoods with Agroforestry in Uganda"

𓆃 permaculture: "Agroforestry In Nigeria: Planting The Future"

𓆃 permaculture: "Black Acres of the Gambia gets interviewed by local news QTV"

𓆃 healing: "Thich Nhat Hanh Memorial Ceremony Day 1"

𓆃 healing: "No Birth, No Death: Thich Nhat Hanh"

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𓆃 permaculture: "The Kale Factory 2022 (African/Jamaican Owned No-Till Permaculture Farm) ("

𓆃 healing: "Jazz On the Beach"

𓆃 study: "The case for local reparations"

𓆃 study: "Wealth & Wellness Index 2022"

𓆃 study: "When My Mom Got Covid, I Went Searching for Pfizer’s Pills"

𓆃 study: "Because we know it is possible: Japanese Americans join fight for Black reparations"

𓆃 study: "Evanston reparations: 16 recipients selected to receive $25,000 for housing"

𓆃 study: "Yamaye Guani taino tribe declaration"

𓆃 study: "GOD-Talk: A Black Millennial & Faith Conversation Series"

𓆃 opinion: "A Serendipitous Dating Match Is the Only Type of Online Friend Who Will Actually Build & Manifest Domestic Family & Community (A Real Estate) With You. Don't Waste Too Much Time With Groupthink & Talking Heads."

𓆃 study: "In Struggle: SNCC & the Black Awakening of the 1960s by Clayborne Carson (#CommissionsEarned)"

𓆃 study: "Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, & Spirit by Queen Afua (#CommissionsEarned)"

𓆃 study: "Maroons in Jamaica"

𓆃 study: "Robert Kalaan Nibonri Pairman: Medicine man of Jamaican Humming Bird Tribe"

𓆃 study: "Why Cuba’s extraordinary Covid vaccine success could provide the best hope for low-income countries"

𓆃 study: "Reparations Needed to Combat Jim Crow Debt"

𓆃 study: "Jim Crow Debt: How Black Borrowers Experience Student Loans"

𓆃 study: "A Look Inside Rikers: Fight Night & Gang Rule, Captured on Video"

𓆃 study: "Black Sands Comics secures investment from Mark Cuban & Kevin Hart on Shark Tank"

𓆃 study: "Frank Ocean interviews Wim Hof"

𓆃 study: "Pelosi's husband bets big on Google, Salesforce, Disney after speaker defends lawmaker transactions"

𓆃 study: "The Highs & Lows of a New Engineering Education System: From a Traditional Course-Based Curriculum to a Project-Based Curriculum"

𓆃 study: "Dr. Pearson said he could foresee three different futures. In one, Covid mimics the flu, with one seasonal variant pushing out the previous one, year after year. In a second, Covid mimics dengue fever, with several variants coexisting that evade different antibodies, leading people to get sick every few years from one of them. The third possibility is the most desirable & least likely: One variant wins out and becomes an easily prevented pathogen"

𓆃 study: "Covid-19 vaccine tracker: the global race to vaccinate"

𓆃 study: "Silicon Valley Founders & Investors Manipulating Qualified Small Business Stock Tax Exemption By Gifting Shares to Family"

𓆃 permaculture: "The Man Who Plants Baobabs: A Burkina Faso hero"

𓆃 study: "Map by Map, G.O.P. Chips Away at Black Democrats’ Power"

𓆃 permaculture: "The Eco-Secrets of The Octagon, Regenerosity Network Biodiversity Project"

𓆃 permaculture: "How to Use Plant Succession Instead of Herbicides?"

𓆃 study: "How Accurate Are At-Home Covid Tests?"

𓆃 study: "Vaccinated travelers should still avoid eating and drinking on planes, experts say"

𓆃 mergers: "East African Community must raise $3.5m to keep East African Federation confederation plan on course"

𓆃 mergers: "List of proposed state mergers"

𓆃 mergers: "East African Federation"

𓆃 opinion: "You Should Get the BioNTech/Pfizer or Moderna Vaccine & Booster."

𓆃 study: "2021 United States Capitol attack"

𓆃 study: "Donkey of the Day: Biden Falls Back On Promise To Extend Student Loan Relief, Says Loan Payments Will Restart February"

𓆃 study: "National Town Hall Meeting: Building a local Reparations Movement"

𓆃 permaculture: "Youngest Advance Permaculture Design Course Graduate Establishes Bio-Diversified Banana Garden"

𓆃 study: "Haiti’s Leader Kept a List of Drug Traffickers, His Assassins Came for It" / "Le prΓ©sident haΓ―tien dressait une liste de narco-trafiquants, Ses tueurs l’ont saisie"

𓆃 study: "In Bid for Control of Elections, Trump Loyalists Face Few Obstacles"

𓆃 permaculture: "Moringa Meditation '21 (African/Jamaican Owned No-Till Permaculture Farm) ("

𓆃 study: "The ten trillion dollar man: how Larry Fink became king of Wall St"

𓆃 study: "Court Packing Issue Divides Commission Appointed by Biden"

𓆃 defund the police: "Brooklyn Center City Council approves budget bringing policing changes"

𓆃 study: "After Success in Seating Federal Judges, Biden Hits Resistance"

𓆃 study: "Modupe Oduyoye on Yoruba, Egyptian, & Semitic connections"

𓆃 study: "Scientists identify reaction that may cause rare blood clots after AstraZeneca/Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine which uses an adenovirus viral vector from chimpanzees"

𓆃 study: "Efficacy of Merck’s Thor-inspired COVID pill crumbles, vexing experts"

𓆃 study: "Why It’s Impossible To Put Tracking Microchips In Covid Vaccines"

𓆃 study: "Failure to share Covid vaccines coming back to haunt us"

𓆃 study: "George Floyd protests"

𓆃 study: "By The People"

𓆃 healing: "Before You Say I Do: Dealing With The Realities Of Singlehood"

𓆃 healing: "Are You Your Priority?"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "DaBaby - Intro"

𓆃 study: "the case of hip-hop by Michael J. Wilson ("

𓆃 study: "Joshua Ziminski: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know"

𓆃 permaculture: "Meditation: Hummingbird Sings to Jamaican Apple Flowers ("

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𓆃 permaculture: "Moringa Seed Harvest Clip ("

𓆃 permaculture: "Gungu Bean Pidgin Pea Seed Harvest Clip ("

𓆃 permaculture: "Moringa Tree Growth Clip ("

𓆃 healing: "Warm Up Movements, Qigong for Beginners"

𓆃 healing: "Cirque Me Out Yoga by Cirque du Soleil: Opening Up Your Front Body, It's All About Balance, Focus On Your Hips, & Yoga With A Twist"

𓆃 healing: "5-Minute Meditation You Can Do Anywhere"

𓆃 healing: "10 Minute Mindfulness Meditation, Be Present"

𓆃 study: "the healers / the newness of life's journey continues to find reflections outside of itself, for nothing is new. what comes to our mind as revelation at first, usually reveals itself to be our moment of connection with what is already ("

𓆃 study: "Wild Seed by Octavia E. Butler (#CommissionsEarned)"

𓆃 study: "The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho (#CommissionsEarned)"

𓆃 study: "The Autobiography of Malcolm X (#CommissionsEarned)"

𓆃 defund the police: "Minneapolis residents split on reducing police role, establishing public safety department"

𓆃 study: "Why Many Police Traffic Stops Turn Deadly"

𓆃 study: "The Demand for Money Behind Many Police Traffic Stops"

𓆃 study: "David Morrell Jr. defends WBA Super Middleweight Title with 1st round KO of Mario Cazares"

𓆃 study: "Snoop Dogg Talks New Def Jam Role, Losing His Mother, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Brotherhood"

𓆃 healing/study: "introduction to tantra"

𓆃 news: "Following Marcus Harcus' Run For Minneapolis MN Mayor, Chigozie Onyema, Running For Newark NJ City Council Against Dupre Doitall Kelly (Lords Of The Underground), Becomes Second Writer From The Liberator Magazine to Run For Public Office / see: obama vs. mlk ("

𓆃 opinion: "We Know Factually Caffine Damages Hearts, Muscles, & Blood Vessels via High Blood Pressure, We Know Roasting Coffee Releases Carcinogenic Acrylamide, We Know Black Tea Triggers Carcinogenic Estrogen, We Know Yerba Mate Contains the Same Carginogenic Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons as Tobacco & Cannabis Smoke. Yet We Know Moderation, Potency, & Diversity Are Key to Care & Understanding. Thus Drinking Less Coffee Lowers Caffine & Carcinogenic Acrylamide Intake, Switching to Green Tea Reduces Carcinogenic Estrogen Risk But Not Caffine Risk Significantly, & Drinking Yerba Mate Will Dramatically Reduce Caffine Risk But Not Carcinogenic Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Risk. Skullcap & Moringa Won't Provide Caffine But They Can Play a Role in a Rotation. Kombucha Will Get You Buzzed, Just Not Like Carcinogenic Alcohol. Switching to More Potent Cannabis/THC from Tobacco/Nicotine Reduces Carcinogenic Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Risk Mainly via Smoke to Effect Ratio Reduction, That's to Say Most Cannabis Users Simply Smoke Less-Often/Intake Less Smoke Due to Greater Potency. We Know Factually, Having Mutliple Repeated Sources - Options & Discernment, Not Judgement - Helps Us Balance & Live From Planet Earth."

𓆃 study: "Let Me Look @You by Michael J. Wilson ("

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Blackstar - Respiration f. Common (slowed + reverb)"

𓆃 study: "The Foundation Trilogy: Foundation, Foundation & Empire, Second Foundation by Isaac Asimov (#CommissionsEarned)"

𓆃 study: "Dune by Frank Herbert (#CommissionsEarned)"

𓆃 good speeches: "Freestyle, The Art of Rhyme"

𓆃 study: "Malaria vaccine a breakthrough"

𓆃 defund the police: "Philly has become the first big city to ban minor traffic stops"

𓆃 study/healing: "african world history project: the preliminary challenge ("

𓆃 study: "What Does McConnell Want?"

𓆃 study: "People are developing diabetes after COVID-19. It might be because the virus messing with insulin-producing cells, new research suggests"

𓆃 study: "Jamal 'Shango' James unanimous decision over Thomas Dulorme to capture Interim WBA Welterweight Title"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Fugees Reunite With Ready or Not"

𓆃 study: "Why Haitians in Chile Keep Heading North to the U.S."

𓆃 study: "A new formula may help black patients’ access to kidney care; Algorithm made it harder for Black patients to qualify for transplants, other treatments"

𓆃 study: "Pressure Grows on U.S. Companies to Share Covid Vaccine Technology"

𓆃 healing/study: "This family left the U.S. & now lives on a Caribbean island: ‘We have no regrets’ about moving abroad"

𓆃 study: "What happens when you leave the analysis out of a meta-analysis?"

𓆃 study: "Haitians who lived abroad for years have been returned to a country in crisis that they barely recognize — often, they say, without a hearing"

𓆃 study: "Why the US isn't ready for clean energy"

𓆃 study: "Singapore's rapid T-cell test tracks immune response to COVID-19"

𓆃 study: "New approach identifies T cells in COVID-19 patients; Immune cell profile reveals appearance, number & activity level against SARS-CoV-2"

𓆃 defund the police: "STAR Program In Denver Expands To Respond To Calls Seven Days A Week"

𓆃 study: "Covid immunity is about more than antibodies — here’s what else helps protect you"

𓆃 study: "Apex Predator"

𓆃 opinion: "In a Digital World of Israel v. Apple, Mr. Navalny From Russia Might Simply Lend His Voting Science Expertise to Anti-Republicans in the United States; Certainly a Greater Marketing Field for His Social Science Pedagogy. Not Surprised This Doesn't Occur to Him, He Published an App in Russia Rather Than a Webpage, Afterall. Lastly, Any Real Journalist Would Simply Print Detailed Statistics on Elections Routinely. A Simple Smart Calculation Method (e.g. The Comparison Chart, or a Single Math Operation) Need Not Be Called an "App." For Instance, Division is Not a Calculator. Put Another Way, a Calculator is More Than Division, More Than Subtraction, and More Than Addition or Multiplication Alone. Simply Put, The New York Times Ought to Just Report Local Political News Internationally, Rather Than Cook Up Fake App-Store Drama for the Soap Opera That is the United Nations. Therefore, Reporting Which Candidates Are In-The-Race or Close to Being In-The-Money is Merely a Simple Calculation Method; Certainly Fit to Print"

𓆃 study: "Why $46 Billion Couldn’t Prevent an Eviction Crisis"

𓆃 public domain: "The Gift of Black Folk by W.E.B. Du Bois"

𓆃 public domain: "Moby Dick; Or, The Whale by Herman Melville"

𓆃 public domain: "African American Literature"

𓆃 public domain: "Official Report of the Niger Valley Exploring Party by Martin Robison Delany"

𓆃 public domain: "African American Fiction"

𓆃 public domain: "Black Writers"

𓆃 public domain: "Men Like Gods by H.G. Wells"

𓆃 public domain: "African American Writers"

𓆃 public domain: "African-American Collection"

𓆃 public domain: "Cane by Jean Toomer"

𓆃 public domain: "Zora Neale Hurston Plays"

𓆃 study: "Backs Against The Wall: The Howard Thurman Story"

𓆃 study: "Military programs aiming to end pandemics forever"

𓆃 study: "The persistence of memory in B cells: Hints of stability in COVID immunity"

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𓆃 study: "Last Man Standing: Suge Knight & the Murders of Biggie & Tupac Review"

𓆃 defund the police: "New Orleans adds alternative dispatch for mental health related 911 calls"

𓆃 study/healing: "Ghana welcomes survivors of 1921 Tulsa massacre"

𓆃 defund the police: "Dallas 'RIGHT Care' team responds to mental health crisis calls, diverting mental health patients from emergency rooms & jails by stabilizing them on the scene & getting them to the appropriate preventive & intervention services that can meet their healthcare needs"

𓆃 study: "Is COVID-19 herd immunity becoming a myth?"

𓆃 study: "What to Know About Breakthrough Infections & the Delta Variant"

𓆃 study: "Lil Baby & Kirk Franklin - We Win"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Kanye West - Moon f. Don Toliver & Kid Cudi"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Kanye West - Jesus Lord f. The Lox & Jay Electronica"

𓆃 study: "Hit songs rely on increasing “harmonic surprise” to hook listeners, study finds"

𓆃 study/healing: "Planting forests may cool the planet more than thought"

𓆃 study: "whose world is this? / runoko rashidi & global african presence ("

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Nas - Nobody f. Ms. Lauryn Hill"

𓆃 study: "COVID cases hit 6-mo. high"

𓆃 study: "Pediatrician answers questions about COVID-19 vaccines & children"

𓆃 study: "The Algebra Project - Bob Moses"

𓆃 study: "The Delta variant is more transmissible than the viruses that cause MERS, SARS, Ebola, the common cold, the seasonal flu & smallpox, & it is as contagious as chickenpox"

𓆃 study: "Tanzania’s Hassan gets COVID jab, kicks off vaccination drive"

𓆃 study: "Vaccines vs. Delta Variant, Are You Safe From COVID-19?"

𓆃 permaculture: "Comfrey/Banana Organic Liquid Fertilizer for Mullein & Kale ("

𓆃 permaculture: "Kenyan entrepreneur turns water weeds into fuel"

𓆃 study: "DC Police Officer Daniel Hodges Full Opening statement on January 6th Attack at the U.S. Capitol"

𓆃 study: "DC Police Officer Harry Dunn Full Opening statement on January 6th Attack at the U.S. Capitol"

𓆃 study: "Charles Barron is Back, His Unique Rise to Power, East New York’s Forgotten Socialist Dynasty, & the Never Ending Narrative Wars"

𓆃 study: "The Art of Distraction, If actors turn into experts, then genuine experts run the risk of turning into actors... offering quick-fix answers to complex & difficult questions... in a seemingly comfortable cradle of illogic, brevity, incompleteness... a truncated magic act that honors neither the person asking the question nor the richness of the topic"

𓆃 study: "The Thorny Ethics of Displaying Egyptian Mummies to the Public: what is the difference between Native American remains & Egyptian remains?"

𓆃 healing/study: "Arousal vs Desire"

𓆃 healing/study: "How the meticulous bookkeeping of two sisters led to reparations for Black people across the country"

𓆃 mergers: "polyfidelity, (bisexual)polygyny, & intimate, complementary extended-family: the realistic, eternal africana-indigenous solution to disharmony & oppression ("

𓆃 healing/study: "Queen Afua talks intimately about family & the journey to awaking"

𓆃 healing/study: "United Nations human rights chief encourages reparations to make amends to individuals of African descent worldwide for systemic racism"

𓆃 healing/study: "Their ancestors were enslaved workers. Now they're getting $2,100 a year in reparations"

𓆃 healing/study: "Alton Maddox: Critical Thinking & Planning In Confronting The New World Order"

𓆃 healing/study: "Paul Mooney Memorial Service"

𓆃 healing/study: "Ghana Diaspora Investment Summit"

𓆃 healing/study: "Protecting Black, Brown Skin From Cancer Risks"

𓆃 healing/study: "HAPI Talks with Damon Dash about How NOT to be a Sucka in Business"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Kanye West - Slave Name"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Beethoven Violin Concerto performed by Minister Louis Farrakhan"

𓆃 study: "The Man Who Lived Underground by Richard Wright reviewed by Imani Perry"

𓆃 healing/study: "Minister Louis Farrakhan speaks at DMX Funeral"

𓆃 healing/permaculture/study: "Dr. John E. Moore, Signs of the Times/Get Healed (Herbology)"

𓆃 study: "Repercussion of the Tragic President Magufuli's Death to All Pan-Africa"

𓆃 study: "Is Filibuster Reform Mitch McConnell's Kryptonite?"

𓆃 study: "How Did Water Get On Earth?"

𓆃 study: "Only 32 student-loan borrowers, ever, have qualified for full forgiveness through an income-driven repayment plan"

𓆃 study: "Call Your Representative and Senators Everyday, Here's How"

𓆃 study: "Police Officer Clyde Kerr Dies by Suicide After Calling for an End to Police Brutality"

𓆃 study: "Workers Demand a Higher Minimum Wage as Biden Balks"

𓆃 healing/study: "witch hazel, hamamelis virginiana, hamamelidaceae: nature’s first aid medicine ("

𓆃 healing/study: "realities we otherwise would never know / the art of relating beyond ideology ("

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "MF Doom - Eucalyptus (Slowed)"

𓆃 permaculture: "youtube/livefromplanetearth ("

𓆃 permaculture/healing: "wake up & live from planet earth ("

𓆃 permaculture: "kale harvest ("

𓆃 permaculture: "aloe planting ("

𓆃 permaculture: "avocado harvest ("

𓆃 permaculture: "comfrey harvest ("

𓆃 permaculture: "basil harvest ("

𓆃 permaculture: "shamba- (in "cultivated ground; farm") to-table kale, peppers, cabbage, & maharagwe ("curry/coconut beans, carrots, corn, & chapati") with african taste restaurant in nairobi, kenya ("

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𓆃 healing/study: "africana study abroad alliance #reparations ("

𓆃 study: "the last generation of black people ("

𓆃 study: "the liberator magazine ("

𓆃 permaculture: "the ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings / masanobu fukuoka on do-nothing farming ("

𓆃 permaculture/study: "Why Does Forest Bathing Boost Natural Killer Cell Function?"

𓆃 healing: "YemanjΓ‘, Wisdom from the African Heart of Brazil, narrated by Alice Walker"

𓆃 permaculture/study: "Boosting Anticancer Immunity with Forest Bathing"

𓆃 permaculture/study: "Soil Health / Salud del Suelo"

𓆃 study: "Hero: The Extraordinary Life & Times of Ulric Cross"

𓆃 study: "How Do it Free Us?: In Class with Carr, Ep. 45, The Battle of 1/6"

𓆃 permaculture: "Wifi Garden in the winter: onion, cauliflower, zucchini, cabbage & more"

𓆃 study: "Africa has Launched its Free Trade Area"

𓆃 study: "From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians"

𓆃 healing: "Types of Spirit Guides"

𓆃 healing: "Learning to Care & Not to Care"

𓆃 study: "How to Boost Brain BDNF Levels for Depression Treatment"

𓆃 study: "Shahrazad Ali - The Blackman's Guide To Understanding The Black Woman"

𓆃 study: "Man who entered Capitol building tells his story"

𓆃 study: "Great Zimbabwe the Fascinating Africa Ancient Cities of Stone"

𓆃 study: "One Night in Miami Trailer"

𓆃 study: "An Emotional Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Finale Discussion"

𓆃 healing: "2020 Forecast, Time to Make Some History Together"

𓆃 study: "Dr. Greg Carr Discusses Trump's Terrorists Storming the Capitol"

𓆃 study: "Chaos at the Capitol; Biden's win certified; Dr. Greg Carr comments"

𓆃 permaculture: "Asynchrony important in crop diversity for global food security"

𓆃 study: "Gerald Horne on the Dawning of the Apocalypse, Settler Colonialism, Anti-Slavery Rebellions"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Skip Marley - Higher Place f. Bob Marley"

𓆃 study: "President-General Michael Duncan Discusses the UNIA-ACL in Liberia"

𓆃 permaculture: "How to plant Seedlings in a Mulched Bed"

𓆃 study: "Knowing How Deeply Our Lives Are Intertwined"

𓆃 healing: "Meditation: Ways You've Secretly Been Doing It"

𓆃 healing: "How our body’s circadian clocks affect our health beyond sleep"

𓆃 healing: "Grounding, Exploring Earthing Science & the Benefits Behind It"

𓆃 healing: "How Many Ancestors Do You Have?"

𓆃 study: "Black Power White Backlash, 1966"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Jay Electronica – A Written Testimony"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Khruangbin – Mordechai"

𓆃 study: "Skymining, Transforming carbon into diamonds"

𓆃 permaculture: "What is Sustainability?"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Spillage Village – Mecca"

𓆃 study: "Dr. Greg Carr advises Ice Cube to form Political Action Committee"

𓆃 permaculture: "Moringa Tree: 25 Health Benefits"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Protoje - In Bloom f. Lila IkΓ©"

𓆃 permaculture: "2Pac's Mom Afeni Shakur Gives Amazing Speech"

𓆃 study: "the flow, stephanie joy ("

𓆃 healing: "Interoception"

𓆃 healing: "yoga poses for most common pains & opening energy chakras ("

𓆃 study: "A 3D Atlas of the Universe"

𓆃 study: "How Earth Moves"

𓆃 study: "Dual Nationality"

𓆃 permaculture: "Making Garden Compost From Wastes, Principles & Results"

𓆃 permaculture: "All About Weeds"

𓆃 permaculture: "The Forested Garden: What is a Food Forest?"

𓆃 permaculture: "The Rainmaker: Clothing the Naked Mountain"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die/study: "drexciya was an underwater country populated by the unborn children of pregnant african women thrown off of slave ships because they were either too rebellious or too sick... adapted to breathe underwater in their mothers' wombs & built a nation ("

𓆃 study: "The Helical Model Pt.1, Our Solar System is a Vortex"

𓆃 study: "The Helical Model Pt. 2, Our Galaxy is a Vortex"

𓆃 healing/permaculture: "Black Acres of the Gambia, we now have okra, onions"

𓆃 permaculture: "Reforestation Of The Sacred Mountain"

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𓆃 study: "Minneapolis schools use data monitoring system on student conversations"

𓆃 study: "Joker's True Origin Revealed, The Three Jokers Conclusion"

𓆃 study: "Family of Philadelphia's Walter Wallace speak to press, 'Carpenters showing up with just a hammer, where is your screwdriver, sir, your tools?'"

𓆃 study: "Red Hook Relief discusses clash with NYPD at BK polling station"

𓆃 study: "Minority communities struggle with voting disinformation"

𓆃 healing: "The Human Immune System - What Happens During A COVID Infection?"

𓆃 study: "Louisville police major suspended, under investigation in Breonna Taylor case"

𓆃 study: "Volunteers Keeping NYC Parks Clean To Make Up For Budget Cuts"

𓆃 study: "Archbishop conducts exorcism on Portland"

𓆃 hapi land: "Sudan will normalize relations with Israel"

𓆃 healing: "Afro Futurism, Vodou The Philosophy of the 21st Century"

𓆃 healing: "Taraji P. Henson: Your strength is in your vulnerability. Healing, emotional trust, Earth grounding, therapy, & more"

𓆃 permaculture: "How To Use Up To 90% Less Water In Your Garden?"

𓆃 permaculture: "Liquid Fertilizers: How to Make Them"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Jah9 - Note To Self (Okay) f. Chronixx"

𓆃 study: "timeline of Frederick Douglass & family"

𓆃 healing: "being able to actively converse with survivors after they're gone . . . in the age of artificial intelligence"

𓆃 permaculture: "Kale Companion Planting Guide: 7 Plants to Pair With Kale"

𓆃 healing: "How Many Bowel Movements Should You Have Every Day?"

𓆃 healing/study: "Baba Heru Speaks on Using the Language of the Neteru"

𓆃 healing/study: "Traditional Mesoamerican Medicine for Healing Trauma"

𓆃 study: "the mattertime / a nwn perspective of matter, space, & time (on matter, mind, & the battle of time) 𓆫𓉑𓆣 
wakati wa jambo / mtazamo nwn wa jambo, nafasi, & wakati (kwa jambo, akili, & vita ya wakati) ("

𓆃 study: "kmt: in the house of life by ayi kwei armah / the pyramid people v. the people of the sphere & circle ("

𓆃 study: "Astronomers find that Milky Way is a warped and twisted galaxy"

𓆃 study: "Dr. Francis Cress Welsing, 1989"

𓆃 study: "Phylicia Rashad On TV Motherhood, Mentoring Chadwick Boseman, HBCUs, Dynamic Acting & More"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "soundcloud/livefromplanetearth ("

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Amel Larrieux - See Where You Are"

𓆃 study: "What is the social market economy?"

𓆃 study: "Chadwick Boseman's Howard University Commencement Speech"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Jabari DCX - Wakanda Unite"

𓆃 study: "Pauli Murray Named to Episcopal Sainthood"

𓆃 study: "113 Million Chickens & Turkeys in Three Eastern Counties Alone"

𓆃 study: "Disposal of PFAS Waste Increases Contamination"

𓆃 study: "Solar+battery in one device sets new efficiency standard"

𓆃 study: "Thursday night chats with Andray Domise"

𓆃 study: "The Nick Cannon Solution"

𓆃 study: "if the critiques of Jewish whiteness go unheeded & are categorically dismissed as anti-Semitic rants we should expect to continue to return to this issue far more frequently"

𓆃 study: "Caribbean countries are selling citizenship for as low as $100,000 — here's how the ultra-wealthy are cashing in to avoid pandemic travel restrictions"

𓆃 study: "This is the most comprehensive X-ray map of the sky ever made"

𓆃 study: "WHO, It's 'very unlikely' countries can eradicate the coronavirus now"

𓆃 study: "Fannie Lou Hamer: Stand Up"

𓆃 study: "Debating Piketty's theories on 'Capital' & inequality"

𓆃 study: "Search for solutions to stop plastic pollution"

𓆃 healing: "One family's quest for a Native American tribute"

𓆃 study: "Black Sands, the Seven Kingdoms"

𓆃 healing/study: "Kemetic Ascension - Importance of Purification"

𓆃 healing/study: "work done amid internal conflict creates nervous exhaustion"

𓆃 healing/study: "The Immune System & COVID-19 Treatment"

𓆃 study: "Hasan & Keith Ellison On Justice For George Floyd"

𓆃 study: "DiGyeFest"

𓆃 study: "I'm a Black American. I Had to Get Out."

𓆃 study: "Dave Chapelle's 8:46, The Breakdown & the Breadcrumbs with Dr. Greg Carr"

𓆃 study: "David Simon has an idea on how to fix policing"

𓆃 study: "Truce meeting in war-torn Kingston Central"

𓆃 study: "Code Black, Can You Hear Us Now"

𓆃 study: "Police"

𓆃 study: "Mdw Ntr: Divine Speech: A Historiographical Reflection of African Deep Thought from the Time of the Pharaohs to the Present by Jacob Carruthers / Nine Petitions of the Farmer Whose Speech is Good ("

𓆃 healing: "Saving Lives by Treating Acne with Diet"

𓆃 study: "Space Conceptualization in the Context of Postmodernity: Theorizing Spatial Representations"

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𓆃 study: "Kwame Ture Converting the Unconscious to Conscious"

𓆃 study: "Private Equity Investors have been buying up doctor's offices, cutting costs"

𓆃 permaculture: "Amaranth Greens: Kale, Make Room For This Super Green"

𓆃 permaculture/healing: "Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing) & Nature Immersion Therapy: A State-of-the-Art Literature Review"

𓆃 study: "Floyd's family asks police chief question on live TV"

𓆃 study: "Dr. Greg Carr Discusses Martial Law"

𓆃 study: "Mpls. Residents Finding Hidden Incendiary Devices In Yards"

𓆃 study: "Ill. Man Charged With Rioting, Giving Out Explosives At Mpls. Protest"

𓆃 study: "Why we must come together now"

𓆃 study: "From The Center Of Solemnity To A Hail Of Rubber Bullets: 38th & Chicago Vigil Raided"

𓆃 study: "In Class With Dr. Greg Carr: Who Was Henry Bibb?"

𓆃 healing: "Deep Rest"

𓆃 study: "The countryside is where the radical changes are: Rem Koolhaas goes rural"

𓆃 study: "Domestic Migration to Dispersion Accelerates (Even before COVID)"

𓆃 healing: "Guidance (Not Dictation) from African Spiritual Observances"

𓆃 healing/study: "Selective Silence: An Experiment in Connection"

𓆃 study: "The Role of Marketing in the Obesity Epidemic"

𓆃 healing/study: "Herbalist Dr. Sebi, Cell Food Specialist"

𓆃 healing/study: "Preparing Our Immune Systems"

𓆃 study: "Intro to Africana Studies, A System for Studying African People, Places & Culture"

𓆃 study: "The Cuban Literacy Campaign"

𓆃 healing/study: "Kobe Bryant - The Power of Sleep & Meditation"

𓆃 healing/study: "Dr. Michael Greger on How Not to Die"

𓆃 permaculture/healing: "The Correlation of Permaculture & Yoga"

𓆃 permaculture: "Natural Services From A Cultivated But Somewhat Unmanicured Lawn"

𓆃 study: "U.S. health-care system is most expensive in the world, delivers worst health of any rich country, costing $1 trillion more per year than the next-most-expensive system—Switzerland's; U.S. households pay extra $8,000 per year"

𓆃 study: "Superior pinpoints strategic racism in science & the history of"

𓆃 study: "How Centrist Bias (a.k.a. Boundary Work, a kind of rhetoric performed in public argument where something is asserted to be science by stressing what it is not, e.g. pseudo-science, faith, or religion) hurts Sanders & Warren; The media has a bigger problem than liberal bias: false-equivalence, i.e. the reflexive assumption that reality is halfway between whatever two contending sides assert"

𓆃 study: "Black women 320% more likely to die from complications in childbirth"

𓆃 study: "In New Round of Tests, Bayer-Monsanto's Weedkiller Still Contaminates Cheerios, Oats, Granola; Latest Findings Come as Courts Levy More Than $2B in Judgments Over Cancer-Causing Glyphosate"

𓆃 study: "Fear, uncertainty, and doubt (often shortened to FUD) is a disinformation strategy used in sales, religion, marketing, public relations, politics, cults, & propaganda, generally a strategy to influence perception by disseminating negative & dubious or false information & a manifestation of the appeal to fear"

𓆃 study: "3M/DuPont 'Forever Chemicals' (Per/Poly -fluorinated Substances: PFAS, PFOA, PFOS) Found in More Than 1,300 Contamination Sites in 49 States' Water Systems/Sources, & Rain"

𓆃 study: "The Misleading Health Benefits of Drinking Red Wine; All alcohol (3rd leading U.S. cause of death behind tobacco & poor diet/exercise) is an addictive neurotoxin (stroke), carcinogen (cancer), & depressant"

𓆃 healing/study: "The 7 principles of Kwanzaa/Africana Heritage: Umoja/Unity; Kujichagulia/Self-Determination; Ujima/Collective Work & Responsibility; Ujamaa/Cooperative Economics; Nia/Purpose; Kuumba/Creativity; Imani/Faith"

𓆃 healing/study: "Conversation with Dr. Bruce Lipton about sound (vs. chemical) healing, resonance, & harmony"

𓆃 study: "History Suggests that Most Physicians Likely to Remain as Participants in Medicare for All"

𓆃 study: "A deeply funded lobbying group led by a former Hillary Clinton aide is out to kill Medicare for All"

𓆃 study: "Medicare For All Is The Only Viable Plan & The Fifth Circuit Just Proved It"

𓆃 study: "Economic Analysis of Medicare for All by Robert Pollin, James Heintz, Peter Arno, Jeannette Wicks-Lim, & Michael Ash (UMass Amherst Political Economy Research Institute)"

𓆃 study: "Dr. Umar Johnson On Private (vs. Charter) Black Education, Politics, Entertainment, Wealth, Therapy + More"

𓆃 study: "Debate on The Origin Of Jesus"

𓆃 healing/study: "Seven Fires Prophecy & the human extinction"

𓆃 healing: "Is African Spirituality Bad?"

𓆃 study: "Lessons on talking across our rancorous political divides"

𓆃 study: "How America's Elites Lost Their Grip"

𓆃 study: "Deconstructed Special, The Noam Chomsky Interview"

𓆃 study: "Morbid Symptoms"

𓆃 study: "When Marx Looked Outside Europe"

𓆃 study: "Against Reconciliation"

𓆃 study: "The Real Deal with Medicare for All"

𓆃 music to ride-or-die: "Roberta Flack - I Can See The Sun In Late December"

𓆃 study: "About That "Here Are All the Black People" Advertising Week Event..."

𓆃 healing/study: "Does modern porn lead to more sex positivity?"

𓆃 healing/study: "How more women in porn production could help curb the stigma"

𓆃 healing/study: "Two cannabis-based medicines, used to treat epilepsy & multiple sclerosis, have been approved for use by the National Health Service in England"

𓆃 healing/study: @SlinkJohnson "Respect. OG conversation. Time for the OGs & vets to lead. This is how the big homies are supposed to get at you. Tell them youngstas the truth."

𓆃 healing/study: "James Baldwin & Nikki Giovanni, A Conversation"

𓆃 healing/study: "ROOTS 1977 Miniseries Trailer"

𓆃 study: "New Rule: SCAMerica"

𓆃 study: "Billionaires Now Pay Lower Tax Rates Than Working Class"

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